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WATCH: Sanders Offers Water to Rally Goer with Medical Issue, Someone in Crowd Shouts ‘The Bernie Holy Water!’

Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders offered some medic care for one when a woman at a rally experienced a medical issue, and Sanders stopped the rally to offer her what one audience member called “The Bernie Holy Water!”

After holding a town hall event in Durham, North Carolina earlier in the day, Senator Sanders headed for Mesquite, Texas to rally supporters in the Lone Star State — where a recent poll shows Sanders leading the Democratic primary field in the state.

But about ten minutes into his speech, Sanders noticed a woman in the crowd experiencing some sort of distress, and halted the rally.

“Medical! Medical! We got a problem here!” Sanders said, waving to get the attention of the event’s paramedics. “Could we get an EMT or doctor in…”

“Okay, let’s take a break,” Sanders said, then reassured the woman and the crowd as he saw the medical team approaching, said “Okay, we have a doctor, we have EMT people coming, they’re on the way.”

During the lull, someone in the crowd began chanting “We love Bernie! We love Bernie!”

Someone else in the crowd suggested water, and Sanders offered up his own Bernie Sanders brand aluminum bottle to be taken to the woman.

“Here’s some water right here,” Sanders said, and as he handed the bottle to someone in the crowd to be taken to the woman, another rally goer shouted “It’s the Bernie Holy Water!”

As the woman was cared for, the crowd chanted “Not me, us! Not me, us! Not me, us!”, which is a Sanders campaign slogan.

“Okay, she’s okay!” Sanders announced, to cheers from the crowd. One attendee shouted “She’s feeling the Bern!”

Another person in the crowd filmed the rally — in portrait mode on her cellphone — and captured the moment the woman was led out of the event, on her feet, by medical staff. You can see that footage below, and watch the clip above via Bernie Sanders for President.


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