Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is a politician who has been the U.S. senator for Vermont since 2007. Sanders ran for the Democratic party nomination for president in 2016 and 2020. He is a democratic socialist and progressive. He was born September 8, 1941, and is married with four children.

Bernie Sanders Q&A

How old is Bernie Sanders?
78 years old.
What is democratic socialism?
It supports democracy with a socially owned economy. It emphasizes workers' self-management and democratically owned economic institutions.
What is Bernie Sanders' campaign slogan?
Sanders' 2020 campaign slogan is "Not me. Us."

Bernie Sanders Noteworthy Stories

July 23, 2019Bernie can't name one thing he admires about Elizabeth Warren
July 17, 2019Bernie Sanders calls Trump an "overt racist and bigot".
February 21, 2019An interview from 1985 in which Bernie Sanders praises Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, defended Nicaragua's Sandinista government and slammed then-President Ronald Reagan as a liar.