Bernie Sanders

Kamala Harris Tells Fox News ‘I Am Not a Democratic Socialist’ When Asked About Bernie Sanders

Sherrod Brown Tells CNN’s Dana Bash Why He Doesn’t Support Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Plan

Kamala Harris Reportedly Winning the Social Media Primary By a Lot

Former Clinton Aide Neera Tanden Smacks Actor John Cusack Over Bernie Sanders

Ex-Bernie Staffer Symone Sanders Knocks Senator: Don’t ‘Step On’ Stacey Abrams Speech by Doing Your Own

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Pretends to Be on Phone to Avoid Questions on VA Lt. Gov. Fairfax’s Accuser

Bernie: ‘My Opponents’ Want Black, White, Gay, Latino or Women Candidates ‘Regardless of What They Stand For’

David Webb Calls Out Media For Ignoring Bernie Sanders ‘Trump is Racist’ Comment…First Reported by CNN

Bernie Sanders Goes There: ‘We Have a President of the United States Who is a Racist’

Bernie Sanders to Meet With Former Female Staffers Harassed During Presidential Campaign

Bernie Sanders Apologizes to Women Who Were Allegedly Harassed During His Campaign

Ben Shapiro Dings Tucker Carlson For Monologue on Populism: He Sounds More Like Bernie Sanders Than Milton Friedman

Vermont Newspaper Begs Bernie Sanders Not to Run in 2020: ‘There is Too Much at Stake’

Bernie Sanders and Liz Cheney Argue About Socialism: Your Father ‘Got Us Into a Horrific War’

Bernie Sanders Responds to Report on Harassment, Sexism in 2016 Campaign

New York Times Boosts Bernie Sanders With Misleading Polling Headline

Former Bernie Sanders Staffer Tells Fox News Senator Should Make Up His Mind About 2020 Run: ‘It’s Becoming Irritating’

Bernie Sanders Slams Extreme Right-Winger’ Trump: ‘Total Phony and Political Opportunist’

Bernie Sanders: Lots of ‘Not Necessarily Racist’ Whites ‘Uncomfortable’ Voting For African Americans Gillum, Abrams

Don Lemon Rejects Tying Bernie Sanders to Scalise Shooting… Then Says Only ‘Right-Wingers’ Kill People

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