A College Hoops Team Had to Finish a Game With Just Four Players After Everyone Else Was Tossed

A bench-clearing brawl in a college basketball game Thursday night resulted in so many ejections that one team was forced to play the last six minutes with just four players.

The melee ensued at the 6:04 mark of the second half in the UAB vs. Louisiana Tech game after a UAB player was fouled while scoring a basket. The video above, via, shows quite a bit of pushing and shoving — although it’s hard to to tell if any punches were thrown.

Almost all the players who were on the bench for both teams came on the court. And that’s an automatic ejection. Two UAB bench players stayed out of the fracas, leaving them with six players total. But every Louisiana Tech player got involved. And considering a starter was also given the boot, Louisiana Tech was forced to complete the game with four players.

So UAB was on the power play for the final 6:04. But despite the man-advantage, they couldn’t cash in. Remarkably, Louisiana Tech outscored UAB 20-16 during the time they played one man down. Still, UAB prevailed 79-72.

A report from said that Louisiana Tech coach Eric Konkol said the players were “confused” by the whole scene in the locker room after the game.

“There was some somberness and a little bit of upset on how things happened,” said UAB coach Robert Ehsan, according to the report. “With older guys, we have really good kids who have never been in anything like that, from both sides, probably a little bit of embarrassment in what happened.

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