Selling Sex – AdAge Exposes HuffPo’s ‘True Business Model’

lilohuffposexIt’s sex. Sex sells! This is not news. Newly installed HuffPo CEO Eric Hippeau says the company could be making money “if it wanted to.” But for the time being it looks like they might be sticking to what one could feasibly refer to as the 2.0 version of the world’s oldest profession. Per Simon Dumenco‘s second AdAge column calling Arianna Huffington to task for thriving on the dying beast that is mainstream media…and referring to it as journalism:

On the day, last week, that a Norwegian journalist interviewed me about why Arianna Huffington is so controversial, the most popular story on HuffPo was “Heather Graham: Tantric Sex ‘Works For Me.'” I decided to do some math so I could explain to this journalist why HuffPo’s brand of blogging and “aggregating” is so often problematic. By HuffPo’s own tally, more than a quarter million readers viewed the Heather Graham post, which quoted 13 sentences, totaling 142 words, from Britain’s Daily Mail — a paper that (stupidly, naively, I suppose) pays its entertainment reporters. HuffPo’s contribution to the, uh, discourse? Just 58 words of its own — which simply set up the Daily Mail’s interview with Graham and further summarized the article.

And that, folks, is HuffPo’s true business model

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