Austria’s Official Word of the Year is 52 Letters Long and No, You Can’t Pronounce It


Try this one on for size:


It’s a real word — I assure you I didn’t randomly smash the buttons on my computer keyboard — and it’s actually been voted “Word of the Year” for 2016 in Austria.

The conflated verbiage more directly translates to, “the delay in the repetition of the presidential run-off,” and references the nation’s presidential elections; that election between Alexander Van der Bellen and Norbert Hofer took a record time to determine, nearly a full year as a matter of fact. As the Daily Mail reports, “It took more than 350 days of delays and bitter mud-slinging,” for Van der Bellen to finally be elected president last week.

The Daily Mail explains some of the complications that contributed to the unusually lengthened election season:

The first run-off in May against his far-right rival Norbert Hofer was annulled over procedural breaches. The October rematch then had to be postponed to December over faulty glue on postal vote envelopes.

And we’re worried about a few recounts.

The selection of Bundespraesidentenstichwahlwieder- holungsverschiebung as word of the year comes after a poll of 10,000 people by the Research Unit for Austrian German at the University of Graz.

Congratulations to all the Bundespraesidentenstichwahl- wiederholungsverschiebung fans out there! Just please don’t ask me to pronounce it.

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