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Breitbart Issues Correction After Publishing False Story About Conservative Rival

Breitbart wrote a frontpage story Monday accusing the founder of fellow conservative website The Washington Free Beacon of making comments that were actually made by someone else entirely.

‘Free Beacon’ Founder: Trump is the Politics of ‘Fear, Paranoia, Nativism’ read the original Breitbart headline. The piece (which once again lacks a byline) blurbed a BBC op-ed by Michael Goldfarb, in which Goldfarb accused Donald Trump of using fear and paranoia to gain voters. On a website whose authors and audience skew pro-Trump, pointing out the comments was clearly not intended to be laudatory.


But if they had scrolled to the bottom, Breitbart would have realized the op-ed was written by a completely different Michael Goldfarb. This Michael Goldfarb is a former NPR broadcaster and “the author of Emancipation: How Liberating Europe’s Jews from the Ghetto led to Revolution and Renaissance.” The Free Beacon’s Goldfarb is not.

On Twitter, Free Beacon editor and co-founder Matt Continetti called out Breitbart and asked for a retraction.

Two hours after Continetti pointed out the mistake, Brietbart appended a correction: “A previous version of this story misidentified the subject of the article, Michael Goldfarb, as the founder of the Washington Free Beacon. The Free Beacon was founded by a different Michael Goldfarb. Breitbart News regrets the error.”

If this all sounds familiar, it’s because this exact scenario has played out before. Breitbart issued a retraction in 2014 after they wrote a story trashing Obama Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch for her connection to the Whitewater scandal, not realizing it was a different Loretta Lynch who represented the Clintons.

The Breitbart piece comes after the Free Beacon sarcastically named their reporter Matt Boyle “2015 Man of the Year,” mocking Boyle’s Trump boosterism and frequent EXCLUSIVES. “It is practically impossible to overstate the significance of Matthew Boyle’s achievement in the field of online investigative journalism,” they snarked.

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