Burglary Suspect With ‘F*ck Cops’ Face Tattoo Arrested to the Surprise of No One

fuck cops face tattooAn Oklahoma home burglary suspect was identified by police after his face tattoos matched those described by his victim. Then again, it probably wasn’t too difficult for the authorities to notice “f*ck cops” inked above his eyebrows.

Tulsa World reports Paul Wayne Terry and Sonja Marie Moro were arrested and charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon late Saturday. The pair is suspected of committing a robbery on Friday night.

According to reports, Terry and Moro forced their way into a Tulsa apartment complex and held the victim at knifepoint.

The victim told police he heard knocking on his front door about 5 p.m. When he opened it, his ex-girlfriend and a man forced their way inside the apartment, the report states. The man, whom the victim described as having horns tattooed on his forehead, reportedly pulled out a knife and threatened to stab him if he didn’t hand over his money.

The apartment resident said he gave his wallet to the man, who then walked out of the apartment. The woman stayed behind and asked for additional money, according to the report. She fled after the victim said he was calling 911.

Despite the harrowing encounter, the victim was easily able identify his ex-girlfriend (Moro). He also gave police a description of her alleged accomplice based on his unique face tattoos.

[h/t Tulsa World]
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