Center For Public Integrity To Launch Investigative Journalism Site ‘iWatch News’

The Center for Public Integrity, the DC-based nonprofit focused on “ethics and public service issues,” is set to launch iWatch News, a website on investigative journalism. Specifically, the site, which will be up on April 12th, will focus on stories relating to government, politics, money, health care, the environment and national security. So you’ll just have to get your Snooki news elsewhere. (One hopes there won’t be too much confusion with Radio Philippines Network’s iWatch News program.)

According to The New York Times, iWatch News will boast a staff of 37 writers and editors in addition to various freelance contributors. The Investigative News Network and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists are slated to help the site produce 10 to 12 investigate pieces daily. Additionally, the site will feature aggregated content from around the web.

Articles from the Center will continue to be featured on the Huffington Post, which regular Mediaite readers will recall is undergoing a rapid expansion of its newsroom by hiring its own staff of reporters.

The site will feature ads, which readers can avoid seeing should they elect to pay a $50 / year subscription fee for the site’s digital edition. The Center will continue to receive funding from organizations and individual donors alike.

h/t New York Times

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