CNN’s Don Lemon Describes UVA Lacrosse Murder Suspect’s Connection To Duke “Sex Scandal”

The lacrosse player murder killing at UVA (by a fellow lacrosse player) has become a major news story as details continue to emerge.

Now a connection has been found between the player charged with murder, George Huguely, and the last big lacrosse story – involving Duke University and some false charges (that apparently one anchor thinks is a “sex scandal”).

In 2006, Huguely was quoted throughout a lengthy Washington Post story about his thoughts on the Duke lacrosse case. He had gone to high school with several members of the team. Looking back now, the quotes take on an entirely different meaning:

I sympathize for the team. They’ve been scrutinized so hard and no one knows what has happened yet. In this country, you’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. I think that’s the way it should be

Well CNN’s Don Lemon discussed this story during the 1pmET hour, and he had an interesting description for the Duke situation:

He went to the same prep school of several of those Duke University lacrosse players involved in a sex scandal. In 2006 he actually spoke to the Washington Post defending them.

Is a sex scandal a sex scandal if it’s proven there was no sex scandal at all?

Here’s Lemon’s report on the UVA case, and the Washington Post quotes:

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