Trump on Stalled Legislative Agenda: ‘I Am Not Going to Blame Myself’

Sen. Blumenthal Calls For Probe Into Trump’s ‘Failing’ PR Response: ‘Americans Are Facing Devastation and Death’

Bob Schieffer: Trump is ‘Undermining the Foundations of Our Democracy’ by Targeting Media

Trump Doubles Down on Threat to Networks: ‘Licenses Must Be Challenged,’ Possibly Revoked

CNN’s Brian Stelter: Trump’s ‘Reaching For Ways to Punish the Media For Stories He Doesn’t Like’

CNN’s Erin Burnett on Clinton’s Weinstein Condemnation: ‘Too Bad She Was One of the Last To Do So’

Jake Tapper Appears to Take Shots at NBC For ‘Media Complicity’ in Harvey Weinstein Story

CNN’s Cillizza Mocks the Idea of Trump as Master Strategist: He’s Playing ‘Zero-Dimensional Chess’

Bill Kristol Goes Off on Fmr. White House Adviser: ‘Trump Will Kick You When it Seems Useful for Trump’

GOP Congressman Defends Conflicting Trump-Tillerson Policies as a ‘Strategy’

Pro-Gun GOP Congressman Doesn’t Understand Difference Between Auto and Semi-Auto Rifles

Dem Congresswoman on Trump’s ‘Terrifying’ North Korea Comments: ‘These Are War Tweets’

Watch Sanders and Acosta’s Passive Aggressive Briefing Exchange: ‘Is That Somehow Satisfying?’

Legendary Journalist Carl Bernstein Goes in On Trump: ‘The Wheels Are Coming Off’

CNN Analyzes ‘Trump Wink’ Over ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Mystery

CNN Shreds Trump Over Tillerson-Moron Imbroglio: ‘Should Be Embarrassed!’

A Baffled John King Calls Trump Remark ‘A Stunning Public Rebuke’ of Own Military Leaders

Mueller Investigators Reportedly Met with Author of the Trump Dossier

Jim Acosta To WH: Does Trump Value the First Amendment As Much as the Second Amendment?

Kellyanne Conway Blames CNN For Covering Russia Over Gun Control in Vicious Spat With Chris Cuomo

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