CNN’s Roland Martin Exploring Possibility Of Launching His Own Line Of Ties, Ascots

On Thursday night, Jon Stewart tried to cover every single major news story of the week and got derailed by CNN’s Roland Martin and his amazing ascot ties. He isn’t the first to become enthralled by the commentator’s posh style, but Martin put together a nice compilation of his public ascot appearances for Stewart to drool over, anyway, and now we know why: Martin is in talks to design his own line of ascots for public consumption.

Besides the “Martin’s Greatest Ascots” compilation here, Martin tweeted in response to Stewart yesterday:

“True story: 2 weeks ago I was approached to launch my own line of ties and ascots in partnership w/an entrepreneur. Working out details now!… So the Jon Stewart parody is right on time! :-) Now y’all know I gotta get my entrepreneur groove on. Always have,…”

So there you have it. At some point in the foreseeable future, you too could be sporting the preferred neck fashions of 1920s British aristocrats and CNN contributors! We’ll have the latest developments on this breaking news story as they roll in.

It should be noted that yesterday morning, our own managing editor Colby Hall commented, after seeing the Daily Show clip, “wouldn’t it be great if Roland Martin was just trying to get publicity for his own line of ascots?” I’m running my lotto numbers by him from now on.

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