Curt Schilling Says It Should Be a ‘Federal Crime’ to Vote for Clinton

curt-schillingIn an interview Wednesday morning with WABC Radio’s Bernie & Sid Show Curt Schilling said that it should be “federal crime” to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Speaking to hosts Bernard McGuirk and Sid Rosenberg, the former baseballer and erstwhile ESPN sportscaster said that he was supporting Donald Trump because “There is no other choice,” he said.

“The Benghazi report came out yesterday,” he continued. “I think it should be a federal crime to vote for her at this point.” He went on to say that Clinton had “never done a thing in her life of positive accomplishment.”

Schilling was suspended from ESPN after reposting transphobic images on his Facebook page and blasting any readers who might be offended by them. In a subsequent interview, he averred, “I’m not transphobic. I’m not homophobic.”

Schilling also discussed the issue of being misconstrued by the media and floated the idea (albeit, jocularly) that he would run for office.

“I’m gonna run for office, and I’m gonna be exactly like Donald Trump with more f-bombs,” he said. “I can’t write a speech. When I talk, I talk from the heart. And sometimes I say things — I played 20 years in the big leagues — I may have been mis-quoted once or twice, I was mis-interpreted 500 million times. Which is why this format is the only one for me to work in because I am not a sound bite, clearly.”

Check out the audio above, courtesy of WABC Radio

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