DOA? Tim Pawlenty’s Hometown Newspaper Puts Campaign Announcement On The Obit Page

Timing, as they say, is everything. And if you make a big announcement that you’re running for president–and you hope to make the front page of your hometown paper–perhaps make your announcement, as City Pages points out, on any day other than that following a natural disaster. “Any other day, it would have made the front page. But that’s what he gets for making his big publicity push the day after a deadly tornado rips through his home state.”

With tornado coverage taking up the front of the paper, TPaw’s big announcement landed in the somewhat less desirable–but certainly more amusing–section of the paper: the obits:

Tim Pawlenty’s presidential campaign is Dead On Arrival, according to his hometown newspaper.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press hilariously ran the announcement of T-Paw’s presidential campaign on the Obituary page this morning.

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