Donald Trump Won’t Rule Out Using Nuclear Weapons Against ISIS

Trump Won't Rule Out Using Nukes Against ISIS

donald-trump1-300x1971-300x197When asked by a Boston radio host whether he would consider dropping nuclear weapons on ISIS, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump refused to answer the question.

WRKO’s Jeff Kuhner asked Trump about the news that Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to nuke ISIS. “Would Donald Trump be open, like Putin, to using nuclear weapons to defeat Islamofascism and to wipe out ISIS?” he asked.

But Trump demurred on the question. “Now, understand what I’m saying; I don’t wanna give you an answer to that.”

Trump said he didn’t want America’s enemies to know his game plan. “Because part of the problem that we have with Obama is they’re so predictable, they give answers to everything. They sent troops over there and they announce they’re sending fifty people over there and now those troops have a target of their head.”

“So I don’t want to answer the question,” he said. “I will tell you this; we will be defeating ISIS big league.”

Listen above, via WRKO.

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