Donald Trump

Twitter Loses It Over Trump vs. LaVar Ball: Being POTUS Not About ‘People Lavishing You With Praise’

Dem Rep. Jackie Speier: Bill Clinton’s Accusers ‘Should Have Been Believed’

Trump Fires Back at LaVar Ball Over UCLA Players’ Release: ‘I Should Have Left Them In Jail’

Stephanopoulos Grills WH Official on What Trump Thinks About Roy Moore: ‘Very Simple Yes or No’

Mulvaney: Women Speaking Out About Moore Are Credible, But ‘I Don’t Know Who to Believe’

Maria Bartiromo Blocks Media Figures on Twitter After Taking Heat For Trump/Allegation Remarks

White House Aides Reportedly Showing Trump Selective Polls ‘To Make Him Feel Good’

Trump Earns Rare Praise from Blue Check Twitter For Reversing Course on Elephant Trophies

Hannity Claps Back at CNN’s Toobin For ‘Sean Hannity Presidency’ Slam: ‘So Dumb As Usual’

Twitter Completely Blasts Maria Bartiromo For Saying There Are No Allegations Against Trump

LaVar Ball Brushes Off Trump’s Role in UCLA Players’ Release From China: ‘Who?’

Trump Hits Clinton Over Election Legitimacy Comments: ‘Hillary, Get On With Your Life’

Here’s How Trump Would Have Handled the Tweeden Allegations If He Was in Franken’s Position

CNN’s Bakari Sellers Goes Off on Ed Martin: ‘Is Grabbing a Woman by the Vagina a Crime or Not?!’

Chris Hayes Rebuts Sarah Sanders: Trump Has ‘Admitted to Wrongdoing, We’ve All Heard It!’

Russian Official Reportedly Tried to Set Up Meeting Between Trump and Putin During Campaign

Maria Bartiromo Claims ‘There Are No Allegations Against the President’

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: Trump Admin ‘Has Become the Sean Hannity Presidency’

Tapper Rips Trump Tweeting About Franken: ‘People in Glass White Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones’

Sarah Sanders: Hillary Should’ve ‘Dealt With… Her Own Issues Before Addressing This President’

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