Donald Trump

Jake Tapper Tears Into Trump’s Voter Fraud ‘Fever Dream’: No Evidence of What He’s Saying

Trump Warns Antifa: The Opposition Can Be ‘Much More Violent’

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano: Matthew Whitaker ‘Legally Ineligible’ to Be Acting AG

Trump Mocked For Claiming You Need Voter ID to Buy Cereal: He’s a ‘Cereal Offender’

Trump Makes Wild, Baseless Voter Fraud Claim: People ‘Go to Their Car,’ Change Their Hat and Shirt, and ‘Vote Again’

Trump Rips ‘Grandstander’ Jim Acosta in Reaction to CNN Lawsuit: Guys Like Him ‘Bad for the Country’

Matt Gaetz: Dems Using Florida Recounts as Test to See How They Can ‘Steal’ 2020 From Trump

Thanks Partly to Trump, California is Now an Electoral Anvil Around the Neck of the National GOP

Al Jazeera Host Pummels Trump Adviser With Examples of His Lies: ‘The President Lies Daily’

Omarosa: Macron Made Trump ‘Look Like a Fool’ And Now He’s ‘Pouting Like a Child’

CNN’s Don Lemon: I Think the White House Press Conference Encounter With Jim Acosta Was ‘Staged’

‘Cocoon of Bitterness’: New Reports Detail Trump’s Raging Post-Election Sulk

Fox & Friends Features MAGA LEGO Knockoff Where You Can Build Wall to Keep Out Sombrero-Clad Mexicans

Gen. McCaffrey on Trump Skipping Veterans Event: He Wanted to ‘Eat Cheeseburgers, Watch TV and Tweet’

Seth Meyers to CNN: If You Really Want to Go After Trump ‘Stop Inviting Liars on Your Network’

Joe Scarborough: ‘Stupid Caravan Conspiracy Theory’ Was ‘Devastating’ to GOP Midterms

Joe Scarborough: Trump is ‘Growing Increasingly Disinterested in His Job, Increasingly Angry’

Maddow Sorts Out Trump’s ‘Hail Mary’ Whitaker Appointment: A ‘Desperate’ Effort to ‘Fix All His Problems At Once’

Sean Hannity Rants About CNN, Jim Acosta for Over 8 Minutes: He’s a ‘Far-Left, Grandstanding, Sycophant Left-Winger’

Trump Reportedly ‘Berated’ Theresa May in Phone Call on Air Force One

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