Sean Hannity Blasts ‘Liberal Joe’ Scarborough for ‘Emotionally-Unhinged’ and ‘Poisonous Vitriol’

Sean Hannity unleashed on Joe Scarborough during a commentary on his Fox News program on Wednesday over the MSNBC host’s “usual nasty coverage” of President Donald Trump. The two sparred earlier in the day on Twitter in the latest skirmish of what has been a contentious feud.

“Liberal Joe, you really shouldn’t be throwing stones from your incredibly-fragile glass house,” Hannity said. He added that he believes Scarborough “routinely features some of the most vile, unfair, disgusting, and even emotionally-unhinged-driven coverage of President Trump.”

The Fox News host underlined his point by playing a montage of “low-lights” of Scarborough and his co-host/fiancee, Mika Brzezinski, slamming the President at various points on their Morning Joe program.

Hannity then turned to Herman Cain, and summarized his montage to the former Republican presidential candidate: “‘Schmuck, thug, goon, mauling, idiot, embarrassment, liar, unbalanced, unfit mentally…political porn, rotten to the core, disgusting’ — just a small sampling of the emotionally-unhinged coverage. But there’s a certain viciousness to all this.”

Cain replied by praising the Trump administration for their apparent accomplishments, “despite this vitriol coming from people like Joe and Mika…They literally think people are believing their poisonous vitriol.”

The guest added, “They have taken Trump derangement syndrome to a whole new level, Sean. And that is sad, because they are assuming that the American people are stupid.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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