Man Arrested When Cops Discover He Never Returned VHS of ‘Freddy Got Fingered’ in 2002

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 8.51.55 AMJust take a good, long look at that headline to make sure it really settles in.

The 2001 Tom Green comedy “Freddy Got Fingered” is about as goofy and admittedly low-brow of a comedy film as you would expect. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of the cinema tour de force, here’s the log line from the film’s IMDB page:

An unemployed cartoonist moves back in with his parents and younger brother Freddy. When his parents demand he leave, he begins to spread rumors that his father is sexually abusing Freddy.

Great, so now we’re caught up. The film — which won five Razzie Awards in 2002 including Worst Picture — is the reason that 37-year-old single father James Meyers was arrested on Tuesday after being stopped by a policeman in North Carolina for a broken taillight.

25 minutes later, the cop said (according to Meyers), “I don’t know how to tell you this but there’s a warrant out for your arrest from 2002. Apparently you rented the movie “Freddy Got Fingered” and never returned it.”

“I thought he was joking,” Meyers later recounted, who was formally charged in Concord, North Carolina with the misdemeanor of failure to return rental property from a family-owned video store that is today as out of business as Tom Green’s slapstick comedy movie career.

Charlotte’s WSOC reported:

Meyers said the officers were very polite and professional. They let him take his daughter to school and go to work as long as he promised to turn himself into the police department later that day.

Meyers said he thought everything would get straightened out at the department. He was surprised when officers arrested him and then took him to the magistrate’s office.

“For the first time I got put in handcuffs,” said Meyers.

Meyers said he vaguely remembers renting the particular movie from a family-owned video store in Kannapolis.

The comedian himself came across the news yesterday and took to Twitter to express his disbelief:

Meyers has a court date set for April 27th. Yes, this is real. Watch the above report from WSOC.

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