Masters’ Media Recap: Phil Mickelson Wins (And Fidelity Foils Philandering)

The Masters Golf Tournament is over and, judging by the media’s reaction, Phil Mickelson is the winner in more ways than one. While the Tiger Woods saga was the initial media obsession, by late Sunday afternoon we had another soft-focused narrative to sink our teeth into: Mickelson’s wife Amy is suffering from breast cancer, and the Mickelson’s support for one another was the story to win the day. Turns out that faith and fidelity defeated a redemptive scoundrel.

In the event that you are just awaking from a six-month coma, you may need to catch up a bit on the Tiger Woods’ saga. And apart from working blue on occasion, Woods’ play was a perfect redemptive story for sports writers and pop culture obsessives to fetishize over. But the media really wanted to play-up the stark difference between faithful Phil (whose wife Amy suffers from breast cancer) and that scoundrel Tiger Woods, as evidenced by the Newsday cover above.

Yup – turns out that we are happy that the supportive husband defeated the guy that stepped out on his wife (and mother of his two small kids. Hooray!) So it makes sense that, editors are leading with the loving couple. Some other examples: loves them some supportive loving couples:

The NY Post gets in the act:

Wall Street Journal also leads with the love:

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