Meteorologist Apologizes for Juno Storm Forecast: We Didn’t Get it Right


Gary Szatkowski, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service of Philadelphia/Mount Holly and who seems like an all around decent guy, gave up the ghost on winter storm Juno late Monday night, admitting that snowfall in certain areas was going to be much less than predicted. He then apologized to city and state officials for ringing the alarm bell too soon.

Early predictions had Juno becoming a possibly historic storm, which led to travel bans and public transportation closures in New York City. But at 12:30 Monday night, Szatkowski called it:

He then apologized:

Szatkowski added that the storm was still intense on the way up to Boston, whose chowder-based society has borne the brunt of Juno. He then thanked the internet for laying off:

Rumors that meteorology is not an exact science and that Mother Nature resists all efforts to be rationalized out of a stubbornly premodern sense of wonder went unconfirmed at press time.

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