New York Daily News Jabs at ‘Mister Softie’ Trump For His Backpedaling and Flip-Flops


Despite the very best editorial efforts from the New York Daily News, Republican nominee Donald Trump was elected President-elect two weeks ago. Still, that has not stopped the Gotham tabloid from tearing into the soon-to-be Commander in Chief with its creative and animated covers.

In the past, the Daily News — the more liberal of the two New York City establishments in the tabloid wars opposite the New York Post — has put Trump directly in its cartoon crosshairs.

The Daily News casually referred to Trump as the ‘Anti-Christ‘ last year during his strange spat with Pope Francis, and declared the once-great Republican party dead on arrival following Trump’s clinching status as the party’s presumptive nominee. More recently, the News begged, ‘The GOP Needs to Abandon Him‘ after his Second Amendment-line that many interpreted as a veiled suggestion for the assassination of Hillary Clinton.

And today, after a spat of news stories revealed that Trump may in fact be wavering or modifying many of his stances, the tabloid is at it again:

“Trump backpedals (a bit) on Hil, climate, torture, & more as he cozies up to nemesis Times in interview,” the subhed reads.

Morning Joe on MSNBC was the first to report Tuesday that Trump would not seek any investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server or the Clinton Foundation despite promises — to the tune of crowd-rousing chants — to do so on the campaign trail. During his wide-ranging and heavily-contested New York Times interview Tuesday, Trump hinted at a link between humans and climate change, and even indicated that his views may have evolved regarding waterboarding following a brief meeting with Retired Marine Corps General James “Mad Dog” Mattis.

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.

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