Rand Paul: Accusing Rivals of Wanting Attack ‘May Have Been Overstatement’

rand paulOn Sunday night, as he was railing against reauthorization of the Patriot Act, Rand Paul said that his opponents secretly want a successful terrorist attack on the United States so they can point to his NSA opposition and blame him.

Well, Paul really got hammered over that from the right, and in an interview with Reason‘s Matt Welch, Paul walked the comments back.

“I think that might have been hyperbole,” Paul said. “Sometimes you get your juices flowing and I was, at the moment, annoyed that it appeared they were trying not to let me speak. That may have been an overstatement, and it is.”

But Paul still stuck to his argument that his opponents are using fear to scare people into accepting broadly-tailored surveillance programs when they aren’t needed.

You can watch Paul’s full Reason TV interview here (the relevant part starts at the 4:50 mark):

[image via screengrab]

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