Remember That Time Kathy Griffin Scolded Elisabeth Hasselback For Not Respecting The Office?

Once upon a time, Kathy Griffin had her own talk-show on Bravo called Kathy. Things were simpler then: Barack Obama was up for reelection and marriage equality was a big issue. Griffin played a clip from Obama’s appearance on The View, and let Elisabeth Hasselbeck really have it for her “attitude to the president, who was a Harvard Law professor,” telling her to “take it down a notch, bitch.”

Nowadays, Kathy Griffin is in some serious hot water for a picture of her holding Donald Trump’s decapitated head covered in fake blood.

In the clip, Griffin speaks of her time on The View and how Barbara Walters said to “respect the president.” But oh my, how things have changed. Perhaps there was an unmentioned caveat to Walter’s lesson: if it’s a President you don’t like, you can totally depict his bloody, severed head in a photoshoot.

Griffin faced a deluge of backlash after posting the photo, and has apologized.

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