Rush Limbaugh: Vaccine Talk A ‘Giant Distraction,’ Bachmann ‘Jumped The Shark’

Limbaugh: Vaccine Talk A 'Giant Distraction,' Bachmann 'Jumped The Shark'

Rep. Michele Bachmann‘s attacks on Texas Governor Rick Perry for mandating HPV vaccines in Texas may have elicited cheers from the crowd at last time’s CNN/Tea Party debate, but it may have lost her Rush Limbaugh‘s confidence. Telling his audience on the radio today that he did think Perry “goofed up” on the executive order, he found Rep. Bachmann’s attacks to have “jumped the shark.”

“Perry goofed up,” Limbaugh admitted, though adding that there “was an opt-out,” but calling the entire vaccine discussion a “giant distraction.” He credited the distraction mostly to Rep. Bachmann, who he argued “may have jumped the shark”– not at the debate, but in her subsequent comments. Citing an interview immediately afterwards with Greta Van Susteren, he notes that “she had scored the points in the debate, but now this comment has become the news item today instead of what she said at the debate.” Because the focus left her attacks at the debate, Limbaugh noted that his “gut” told him “she has maybe jumped the shark.”

The comments from this morning’s show below:

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