Texas Basketball Coach Jailed 2 Months Later for Using the Word ‘Dick’

A girls’ basketball coach in Burleson, Texas was arrested for getting into an argument with a police officer in plain clothes because she used the word “dick” during the game. To make the situation even weirder, she was issued a warrant for her arrest two months after her alleged use of “profanity.”

In what is sure to be an interesting window into the pre-social media days of old-fashioned he-said-she-said arguments, coach Jessica Curs‘ problems began during a basketball game in February. Burleson’s team faced off against rivals from Alvarado at home, and as is often the case at sporting events, the taunting was quite prolific.

“The whole game they’re saying little things at me, like quiet, so the coaches hear it, my husband hears it, the monitor heard it,” Curs told CBS 11.

When Curs finally bit back, Gary Melson, an off-duty captain in the Alvarado Police Department, took offense. After calling the coach out for using profane language, which Curs denied, the police captain stepped in. At least that’s according to the referee, Andy Love, who told CBS 11 that Melson “was grabbing a coach by the arm, trying to pull her off the court.” When he approached them, Melson said he was “an off-duty Alvarado police captain” and that he was “holding this lady for the Burleson police.” A citation wasn’t issued then, but when Curs subsequently traveled to Alvarado to coach another game, a local police officer refused her entry at the school gymnasium, citing a criminal trespass warning.

It wasn’t until two months later that she received a warrant for her arrest in the mail. Dismayed but abiding, Curs turned herself in at the Johnson County Jail and spent six hours behind bars. As CBS 11 notes, paperwork suggested the event should have been a “walk-through” with no jail time.

This alone makes the whole charade seem like an instance of police oversight. But then the Alvarado Police Department’s Facebook page published a long statement written in the first person, decrying CBS 11’s “unethical reporting” and pointing much of the situation’s blame on Curs.

According to the unattributed statement, the Dallas-Fort Worth CBS affiliate “lied about wanting an interview and then took that information and twisted it for another purpose”:

“I met with CBS 11’s Senior Investigative Producer in my office and discussed Jessica Curs. At this time I provided CBS with a copy of the affidavit used to obtain the warrant for Curs as well as her book-in photo. The situation was completely explained to him then and he and I corresponded many times through email, in which he described Curs actions as a ‘tirade.’ It was only after CBS aired an unrelated/twisted story, and then pulled said story for obvious inaccuracies, that an in-person interview request was later denied regarding Curs. CBS was instructed to address any questions they would like answered to our department and they would be answered. This never happened.”

As for what Curs did to incur such actions, the statement attempts to clarify the story that CBS 11 supposedly mishandled:

“Curs screamed out a profanity, namely using the word ‘dick,’ in front of bleachers full of parents and kids. This action caused numerous parents to rise to their feet and began confronting Curs, complaining, and demanding action from APD Capt. Melson. Capt. Melson approached Curs and instructed her to step outside the area of play to deescalate the situation. This is where the matter could have been resolved with Curs being told to refrain from using profane language in public. Capt. Melson asked Curs three times, showed her his badge/department identification card, told her he was a police officer, and that she needed to step aside and speak with him.”

The statement goes on to identify several penal and criminal procedural codes that Curs allegedly violated, warranting Melson and the department’s actions. Some of this flies in the face of what some witnesses told CBS 11, while the rest of it hinges on the fact that Curs called someone a dick. Yes, a dick.

Check out the clip below, via CBS 11:

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