Vice President Joe Biden Had A Super Soaker Fight With Children At A Picnic Yesterday

It’s Sunday morning, which means most political junkies will be spending the day wading through the traditionally extensive pile of political fallout from what hosts dictate is the most important gaffe of the week (unfortunately for President Obama, this week’s seems to be “the private sector is doing fine“). Before jumping in, however, here is political news story that will leave little room for controversy: Vice President Joe Biden‘s annual Beach Bash took place yesterday, and among the festivities the Vice President participated in a water gun fight with the children of journalists in attendance.

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CNN reports that the gun fight “turned into an all-out war” between Vice President Biden and many of the guest children, though also caught in the crosshairs were Wolf Blitzer and Mike Allen. As someone with an active imagination narrates, “Biden’s team of warrior children then turned their weapons on the Vice President himself. Before it was over, Biden was super-soaked and smiling.”

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