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What is Twitter Mocking Ari Fleischer for Now?

Former George W Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer, no stranger to Twitter foibles, stepped in it again on Wednesday night when he tried to hype his imminent appearance on Hannity by echoing a current GOP talking point that Obama is more willing to negotiate with hostile foreign leaders than he is with House Republicans.

Things went quickly awry:

Problem the first:

This is Fleischer’s second Twitter misstep in as many weeks, as he recently accused Barack Obama of having his own Twitter rules that allow him to exceed 140 characters, only to realize that when he hit retweet on Obama’s post, it added “RT @BarackObama,” increasing the length.

But it wasn’t just the technical inaccuracy that got Fleischer this time around. Tweeps went on to question the class and even sincerity of the post:

And the kicker:

Oh, but it is…

For the record, Flesicher still has quite a bit of Twitter goodwill left over from this.

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