S.E. Cupp Addresses Fellow Pro-Lifers: ‘You Can Defend the Right to Life’, Without Re-Victimizing Women


Noting that she is a “pro-life conservative,” CNN’s S.E. Cupp criticized the new wave of laws criminalizing abortion being passed in states like Alabama saying the “Alabama abortion law is the most damaging element to the pro-life movement in decades.”

Speaking on the new laws passed this week on her show Unfiltered Saturday, Cupp said: “it is absolutely inhumane to force a woman to carry the child of her rapist or her abuser or her molester relative.”

The newly passed laws in Alabama and Missouri ban abortions around six weeks into pregnancy and do not make provisions for women and girls who are victims of incest and rape.

Cupp said she believes the laws unnecessarily punish people.

“The pro-life position has always been strongest when it comes from a place of compassion and empathy, not indifference and cruelty,” Cupp stressed.

She continued on: “You can defend the right to life without demanding we re-victimize women who have already suffered for the sake of political purity,” noting she was speaking to “friends on the right.”

Cupp also noted that the laws could end up energizing Democrats and people who are opposed to rolling back abortion rights.

“Ultimately these extreme laws will only help boost Democrats driving fund-raising in numbers we haven’t seen in a long time,” the CNN host said.

A number of national Republican figures have criticized the law in Alabama, including Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel for its lack of exceptions in cases of rape and incest.

“Personally, I would have the exceptions,” McDaniel said. “That’s my personal belief.”

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