Secretary of Defense Mark Esper Gets Roasted for Saying Governors Need to ‘Dominate the Battlespace’


Alex Wong/Getty Images

Celebrities, journalists, and commentators responded to Secretary of Defense Mark Esper’s claim that America “need to dominate the battlespace” in cities amid nationwide riots, Monday, with a combination of mockery and concern.

Esper reportedly told governors in a phone call, “We need to dominate the battlespace… I think the sooner that you mass and dominate the battlespace, the quicker this dissipates and we can get back to the right normal,” in reference to the riots which authorities have struggled to get under control.

“Apparently, our defense secretary thinks America is a battlefield,” responded Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer.

“Is this is the Secretary of Defense speaking about US cities? Really?” commented CNN national security and legal analyst Susan Hennessey.

Iraq War Army veteran Fred Wellman also criticized Esper’s comments, posting, “The Secretary of Defense of the United States is talking about American cities like we talked about fighting insurgents in Iraq. Two issues. First, this is declaring war on our fellow citizens exercising their First Amendment Rights. Second….IT DIDN’T WORK IN IRAQ EITHER!”

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