Bernie Sanders Organizer Screams Expletives at Rally: ‘F*ck Hillary! F*ck Hillary!’


A Bernie Sanders organizer named Mark Craig shouted expletives at a Bernie Sanders rally over the weekend, targeting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with screams of “Fuck Hillary! Fuck Hillary!”

At a rally on Saturday in Warren, Michigan, Sanders spent a portion of his speech boasting about his success at reducing the power of Democratic “superdelegates” in the primary process.

“Then we said, four years ago, you know, maybe it doesn’t make a lot of sense for a small number of superdelegates at the Democratic National Convention to control the outcome!” Sanders said.

“Well, a funny thing happened over the last few years,” he continued, then touted winning Michigan, and securing 1,700 delegates at the convention, and getting 13 million votes in the primary, but never circled back to the superdelegates. He was likely alluding to the DNC’s subsequent rule change that diluted the power of superdelegates.

Sanders actually won 1,846 delegates to Hillary Clinton’s 2205, not counting superdelegates. And while Sanders is correct that he won 13 million votes during the Democratic primary, Clinton won nearly 17 million.

It was during this section of the speech that, according to the Washington Post, a Bernie Sanders organizer named Mark Craig shouted the expletives in question. From Dave Weigel:

No other candidate for the Democratic nomination still talks about Hillary Clinton, whose surprise defeat was traumatic for millions of Democrats. Poking at the primary wounds can be risky; in Michigan, when Sanders reminded the crowd of his successful fight to end the voting power of “superdelegates,” there was a mix of cheers and boos. Mark Craig, 66, a Sanders organizer in Flint, took a cigar out of his mouth to shout a four-letter expletive about the party’s 2016 nominee.

And according to another Washington Post reporter, Sean Sullivan, wrote that “Mark Craig, 66, disparaged Trump and Hillary Clinton with expletives as he cheered on Sanders during his speech Saturday in Warren, Mich.”

Weigel, reached by email, confirmed that he heard Craig shout “Fuck Hillary! Fuck Hillary!”

Watch that portion of Sanders’ speech above.

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