Dems Called for More Gun Control After Aurora Shooting. State Police Reveal Existing Laws Were Not Enforced.

WATCH LIVE: Trump Holds Rally in Illinois

CNN’s KFILE Uncovers Illinois GOP Candidate’s Crazy, Conspiratorial Views on 9/11 and… Beyoncé

Giant Pig Balloons Planned For Anti-Trump Tower Protest in Chicago

Fake News? Northwestern’s Famed Medill Journalism School No Longer Accredited

Is Tammy Duckworth Winning the Illinois Senate Race?

Judge Rebuffs Disgraced Former Illinois Gov. Blagojevich’s Bid to Reduce 14-Year Sentence

Trump Rallygoers Completely Trashed a Cemetery When Using it as Parking Lot

WATCH: Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally in Chicago, Illinois

State of Illinois Sues Inmates for Prison Costs After Release

Lt. Gliniewicz’s Death Determined a ‘Staged Suicide,’ Investigators Say He Stole From Police

Man Behind Twitter Parody Account Unfairly Raided, Awarded $125,000 And Daily Show Segment

Sikh American Told to ‘Go Back to Your Country, Bin Laden!’ in Chicago Hate Crime

Murdered Illinois Cop Identified as Charles J. Gliniewicz

Students Finally Get Back at Letterman for Ragging On Their Town

Teacher Disciplined for Calling Black Students the N-Word, ‘Slaves’

‘I Am at Peace’: Anchor Shares Heartbreaking Cancer News with Viewers

Neighborhood Feud Pits Convent of Nuns Against Strip Club

Hillary Misidentifies Lincoln as Having Once Been ‘Senator from Illinois’

Illinois Health Care Group Launching Ad Campaign with The Onion

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