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NFL Owners Vote to Fine Teams for Players Kneeling During National Anthem, Mike Pence Celebrates: ‘#Winning’

Check Out NFL Commish Roger Goodell Running the 40 in a Full Suit

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Reportedly Signs Five-Year Extension Worth Up to $200 Million

Trump Hits NFL Commish Roger Goodell: ‘Lost Control of Hemorrhaging League’

Majority of Hardcore NFL Fans Disapprove of Roger Goodell’s Handling of Anthem Protests

Watch Fox News Spin a Pending Jerry Jones Lawsuit Into Story About NFL Players Kneeling

Fox Business’ Trish Regan Erupts at Guest Over NFL Anthem Debate: ‘That’s a Bunch of Baloney!’

NFL Commish Roger Goodell on Protests: ‘What We’re Trying to Do is Stay Out of Politics’

NFL Commish Roger Goodell’s Wife Used to Defend Him From Criticism Via Secret Twitter Account

Trump Won? NFL Commish Tells Owners ‘We Believe That Everyone Should Stand’ For Anthem

Bill O’Reilly Slams NFL Commish Roger Goodell Over Protests: ‘You’re a Coward!’

John Oliver on Trump/NFL Feud: ‘When You’ve Lost The Moral High Ground to Roger F**king Goodell…’

‘Tell Them to Stand!’: Trump Hits NFL Commissioner Goodell for Defending Player Protests

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Criticizes Trump’s ‘Divisive Comments’: Shows ‘Lack of Respect’

WATCH: Roger Goodell Viciously Booed By New England Patriots Fans Before NFL Season Opener

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell: ‘I’m Not a Football Expert’

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: Colin Kaepernick Isn’t Being Blackballed

It Sure Looks Like Roger Goodell Wiped a Booger on the Back of a One-Legged Girl

Report: Despite Scandals, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is Wildly Popular Among NFL Owners

Patriots Coach Wears T-Shirt Depicting NFL Commish Roger Goodell as a Clown

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