Trump Slammed Over Plan to Resume Rallies in Tulsa on Juneteenth: ‘This is Not an Accident’


Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Donald Trump will restart his campaign rallies next week, which will be his first large-scale event since the coronavirus pandemic put the country under lockdown back in March.

The New York Times reports that the president will hold his rally on June 19 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since that date happens to be Juneteenth, the anniversary of slavery’s end in the United States, it’s possible the timing was devised for Trump to address calls for racial justice following the death of George Floyd.

By contrast, the Times also noted that Trump decided to resume his campaign in a city that just came off the 99th anniversary of a deadly, racist riot. Back in 1921, a mob of white people gathered in Tulsa’s Greenwood District — known at the time as “Black Wall Street” — and went on a rampage that killed dozens of African Americans and destroyed their homes and businesses. Since then, that event has been remembered as Tulsa Race Massacre.

A number of political observers accused the timing of being more than a coincidence.

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