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Brian Stelter Gives His ‘Cynical’ Theory For Why Leslie Stahl Kept Trump Anecdote Quiet

Don Lemon Sounds Alarm on Trump’s ‘Lying’ About FBI Spying: We Are in an ‘Extreme Crisis’

CNN Town Hall Questioner Challenges Nancy Pelosi: Shouldn’t There Be Proof of Russia Collusion by Now?

Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Says He Hasn’t Spoken to Trump in Weeks

Sen. Jeff Flake Unloads on Trump in Harvard Commencement Speech: ‘Bottomless Appetite for Destruction’

Jake Tapper Torches Trump For Pushing Conspiracies in Scathing Monologue: He Just ‘Makes Stuff Up’

Elon Musk Unloads on Media in Tweetstorm, Cites Trump: ‘Why Do You Think He Got Elected?’

NY Jets Chairman Says He’ll Pay New League Fines if His Players Kneel During Anthem

Van Jones Defends Decision to Work With Kushner on Prison Reform: ‘We Got 99 Conflicts But Prisons Ain’t One’

After Saying Trump Shouldn’t Do Mueller Interview, Giuliani Changes His Mind

ICE Director Tells Trump Calling MS-13 ‘Animals’ Is Kind: ‘Animals Kill for Survival, MS-13 Kills for Sport’

WATCH LIVE: Trump Speaks at Immigration Roundtable

Report That Michael Cohen Took Massive Payment From Ukraine For Trump Meeting Stuns Twitter

CNN’s Zeleny: When Trump Says ‘We Now Call It Spygate,’ He Means His Advisers and Fox Newsers

Trump Tries to Market ‘SpyGate’ to Reporters: ‘You’re Calling it SpyGate’

Ex-Obama WH Photographer Working on a Book Contrasting Obama and Trump: SHADE

Steve Bannon: Robert Mueller is ‘An Honorable Guy,’ Should Not Be Fired

Twitter Mocks Trump’s ‘Witch Hunt’ Tweetstorm: ‘The 2018 Version of Make America Great Again!’

Comey Rips Trump’s ‘Attacks’ on the FBI: ‘How Will Republicans Explain This to Their Grandchildren?’

Steve Bannon Declares: ‘Martin Luther King Would Be Proud’ of Trump

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