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Laura Bush Rebukes Trump Administration’s ‘Cruel,’ ‘Immoral’ Child Separation Policy in Scathing Op-ed

Trump Rails Against Peter Strzok After FBI Agent Removed from Russian Probe Says He’s Willing to Testify to Congress

Trump Once Again Declares the ‘Fake News Media’ the ‘Enemy of the People’

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Denies Existence of Trump Policy Separating Families at Border

Outraged Lawmakers Hold Press Conference After Touring Immigration Facility: It’s ‘Un-American’

Melania Trump ‘Hates to See Children Separated’ at Border, Spox Says

Rudy Giuliani: Trump Will Not Issue Any Pardons in Mueller Investigation

Trump Says Washington Post Staffers Should Go on a ‘Really Long Strike’ in Their Battle With Jeff Bezos: ‘Great Idea’

Steve Bannon: Donald Trump Doesn’t Lie, and Never Has ‘To My Knowledge’

Roger Stone Met With Russian Who Wanted Trump to Pay for Dirt on Hillary Clinton

CNBC’s Jane Wells on Trump Economy: if This Keeps Up, ‘Why Wouldn’t You Reelect Him?!’

WATCH: Giuliani Says Trump Investigators Should Be in a Psych Ward

Former CIA Head Compares Trump’s Border Separation Policy to Nazi Germany

WATCH: Trump Calls Female Reporter ‘So Obnoxious,’ Tells Her to Be Quiet At Least 5 Times

CNBC’s John Harwood Rips Trump and GOP For Child Migrant Policy: It’s Appealing to White People Resisting Diversity

Ex-CNN Host Blasts Jeff Zucker For Unpaid Wages: He’s ‘Making a Fortune’ Off Trump

Fox News Host Calls Out Pro-Trump Guest For Trying to ‘Discredit’ Mueller Probe: ‘You Can’t Have It Both Ways!’

Jeb Bush’s Son Goes All in For Trump: ‘Reject the Fake News and the Liberal Media’

Art of the Deal Co-Author Blasts Trump’s ‘Deranged’ Praise of Kim Jong Un: POTUS ‘Lacks a Soul’

MSNBC Reporter Who Went Inside Migrant Shelter Says Trump Blaming Policy on Dems is ‘Complete BS’

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