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Maddow: Trump’s Legal Team In Place To ‘Explain It On Fox News’ If He Ends Mueller Probe

Ex-Playmate Karen McDougal Suing Over Alleged Trump Affair Says She Voted For Him: ‘That’s My President’

Karen McDougal: Trump Said ‘I Was Beautiful Like’ His Daughter Ivanka

Chris Matthews Calls New National Security Adviser Bolton ‘The Godfather of Stupid Wars’

New National Security Adviser John Bolton: Trump’s Congratulatory Putin Call a ‘Matter of Being Polite’

DNC Hacker Guccifer 2.0 Was Reportedly a Russian Military Spy

John Bolton Reportedly Told Trump He ‘Wouldn’t Start Any Wars’ If Hired as National Security Adviser

Trump’s Pick to Lead Migration Organization Has Racist, Conspiracy Theorist Tweets Exposed

Former Playmate Karen McDougal on Trump Affair: ‘He Tried to Pay Me’ For Sex

Twitter Goes Absolutely Nuts Over John Bolton Becoming National Security Adviser: ‘We’re F*cked’

John Bolton Named as New National Security Adviser, Replacing H.R. McMaster

Steve Bannon Goes Off On ‘Gutless’ CNN After Jeff Zucker Calls Fox News a ‘Propaganda Machine’

Eric Bolling: I’d Work For Trump For a Dollar

Ex-Cambridge Analytica Employee is Now a Staffer in Trump’s Commerce Department

Joe Biden is the Top Polling Democrat to Face Trump in 2020

Trump Reportedly Wants to Nix Chief of Staff Position, Have Four ‘Co-Equal Principals’ Instead

Trump Dismisses Notion That Conservative Free Speech Is Under Attack at Colleges: ‘Highly Overblown’

Trump’s Advice to 25-Year-Old Self: ‘Don’t Run For President’

Watch Trump Get Lockheed Martin CEO’s Name Wrong While Suggesting Stealth Jets Are Invisible

Saudi Prince Reportedly Bragging About Having Jared Kushner ‘In His Pocket’

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