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Facebook Apologizes for Removing Conservative Site’s Posts

NYT Drops New Bombshell: Trump’s Lawyers Don’t Know What McGahn Told Mueller

On MSNBC, Omarosa Says Trump ‘Wants to Start a Race War’

Fox News’ Brit Hume Calls Trump Comparing Mueller Probe to McCarthyism ‘Ridiculous’

Ex-Fox News Analyst Slams His Former Network as ‘Amoral’ Trump ‘Prostitutes’

John Bolton Suggests Brennan Probably Used Classified Info to Bash Trump

Giuliani Claims WH Counsel’s Cooperation in Mueller Probe Was Helpful: ‘He Was a Strong Witness for the President’

Trump Rails Against NYT Mueller Probe Scoop in Wild Tweetstorm: ‘Fake’ Report on ‘McCarthyism at its WORST!’

Giuliani Points Fingers at Mueller Team for Putting Out McGahn Story: They are ‘Panicking’

Trump Insists He ‘Allowed’ White House Counsel Don McGahn to Cooperate With Mueller

Trump Claims ‘A Lot of Things Were Accomplished’ in His Meeting With Putin

Trump Reportedly Had a ‘F*cking Weird’ Debate With Vietnam Vets Over Napalm and Agent Orange

White House Counsel Reportedly Cooperating With Mueller Out of Fear Trump Will Use Him as Scapegoat

Georgia Lawmaker Tells CNN He’s Cool With Trump Using N-Word If It Happened Before He Was President

Trump Rips ‘Loudmouth, Partisan, Political Hack’ John Brennan: Will Go Down as ‘Worst’ CIA Chief in History

Trump Rails on Twitter Against Conservative Social Media Censorship: ‘Too Many Voices Are Being Destroyed’

John Brennan: Trump ‘Doesn’t Deserve to be Given This Type of Leash’

Trump’s Team Reportedly Discussed Yanking Security Clearances to Divert from Bad Press

NY Times Editor Dean Baquet: Trump ‘Has Sent a Message to Despots’ That It’s OK to ‘Disrespect’ Press

Trump Gleefully Predicts Andrew Cuomo’s Political Demise: His ‘Career is Over!’

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