Donald Trump

Jim Carrey Says Trump is a Melanoma and Sarah Sanders is ‘Putting Makeup on It’

Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes Has Reportedly Resigned

WATCH: Trump Mistakenly Calls Fire-Ravaged California Town ‘Pleasure’

President of Finland Denies He Talked About Raking the Forest Floor With Trump

William McRaven Fires Back at Trump: I Admire Presidents ‘Who Uphold the Dignity of the Office’

Trump Quotes Tijuana Mayor to Argue Against Accepting Asylum-Seekers

Trump Won’t Overrule Whitaker if He Quashes Mueller Probe: ‘I Would Not Get Involved’

Trump Reveals How He Makes Decisions to Chris Wallace: ‘I Don’t Think About Them’

Trump Mocks Rep. Adam Schiff as ‘Little Adam Schitt’

Trump Slams Navy SEAL: ‘Wouldn’t It Have Been Nice If We Got Osama Bin Laden a Lot Sooner’

Newsmax CEO and Trump Friend Denounces Suspension of Acosta’s Press Pass: I Do Not Support That

Wallace Grills Trump on ‘Enemy of the People’ Press Attacks, Rejects Excluding Fox: ‘We’re in Solidarity, Sir’

Trump Says Maybe to Punish Jim Acosta They’ll Turn Off Cameras Facing Reporters: But ‘I’ll Probably Be Sued for That’

Migrant Mom to Trump: ‘Open the Doors for Us, I Beg You’

S.E. Cupp: ‘The Next Two Years Will be the Equivalent of a Rectal Exam for Trump’

CNN’s Brian Stelter: Trump Said ‘A Lot of Things That Don’t Make Sense’ in California

Sean Spicer Insists Other Members of the Media are Privately ‘Very Disappointed ‘ With Jim Acosta

Trump Dismisses Climate Change Questions About Wildfires: ‘I Want Great Climate’

Trump Surveys Wildfire Damage in CA: ‘Nobody Would’ve Ever Thought This Could Have Happened’

Don Lemon Blasts Trump After Judge Rules in Favor of CNN: He Keeps Trying to Challenge the Rule of Law

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