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Don Lemon: Release of Alleged Trump N-Word Tape ‘Wouldn’t Change Anything’

Chris Cuomo Confronts Giuliani for Changing Comments on Trump-Comey Meeting: So Comey’s a ‘Crazy Liar’?

Anderson Cooper Presses Lynne Patton: Is It Appropriate for Trump to Call Omarosa a ‘Dog’?

CNN’s Burnett Nails Katrina Pierson After She Admits Signing NDA: If Trump Used N-Word, You Wouldn’t Tell Me Anyway

Katrina Pierson Fires Back at New Omarosa Tape Featuring Her: ‘CBS Was Played’

Bret Baier Presses Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s Attacks on Omarosa: Why Does He ‘Keep Tweeting’?

Fox News’ Jesse Watters: Omarosa Shouldn’t Have Been Brought Into WH in the First Place

Fox News’ Jesse Watters Parrots White House Lie That Trump Created More Jobs For Black Americans Than Obama

Penn Jillette: Trump Said ‘Racially Insensitive Things’ During Celebrity Apprentice Tapings

Twitter Stunned After Sarah Sanders Says She ‘Can’t Guarantee’ Trump Hasn’t Said N-Word on Tape

CNN’s Gloria Borger: Trump and Omarosa Are ‘Two Peas in a Pod,’ ‘They Deserve Each Other’

Sarah Sanders Rips Media For ‘Elevating’ Omarosa: Press Has ‘Done More to Divide this Country’ Than Trump

Omarosa Confirms Claim She’s Spoken to Mueller Team: There Was a ‘Lot of Corruption’ in Campaign, WH

Outnumbered Hits Trump For Insulting Omarosa in ‘Terrible’ Tweets: ‘Why Use That Kind of Language?’

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Goes Off on Trump for ‘Shunning’ McCain During Bill Signing: ‘Where is the Grace?’

Soledad O’Brien Burns CNN For Calling Out White House Lack of Diversity: Where’s CNN’s Senior Black Staff?

Ann Coulter Slams Trump For Hiring His Kids, Omarosa: Why Don’t You Pick Smarter People?

Geraldo Bashes ‘Friend’ Trump For ‘Intemperate, Boorish’ Slams on Omarosa: ‘Open to Ugly Connotation’

Fox News Anchor Cites Her Sister ‘Who Worked on The Apprentice‘ to Refute Trump’s Alleged Use of N-Word

Omarosa Claims Trump Mocked Sean Spicer’s Looks: ‘Men’s Warehouse’ Spokesman

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