Donald Trump

Trump Says Potential Release of Mueller Report Would Be Up to AG Barr

Ari Fleischer: FBI Bought ‘Every Worst Case Argument’ About Trump, ‘Believed It the Way a Partisan Believes it”

NY Times Publisher Responds to Trump’s ‘ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE’ Attack: ‘Not Just False, It’s Dangerous’

Bernie Sanders Fires Back at ‘Racist,’ ‘Sexist,’ and ‘Xenophobe’ Trump for Calling Him ‘Crazy Bernie’

Maryland’s Republican Governor Hasn’t Ruled Out Challenging Trump in Primary Election

George Conway Holds Twitter Vote on ‘Who Has More Credibility’: President Trump or New York Times

Maggie Haberman Blasts Trump’s Claim Her NY Times Report is ‘Fake News’: ‘That’s a Lie’

Trump Cheers on Covington Student’s Lawsuit Against Washington Post: ‘Go Get Them Nick!’

Andrew McCabe Tells Colbert Trumpworld Covering Up Russia Contacts ‘More Suspicious Every Day’

Chris Cuomo Says Trump and Co. Lied About Russia; Kellyanne Conway Says ‘Not Me, I Have No Exposure’

Andrew McCabe Asked if He Still Thinks Trump Could Be Russian Asset: ‘It’s Possible’

Trump Reportedly Growing ‘More Frustrated’ With Intel Chief Dan Coats: Still ‘Enraged’ Over Testimony

CNN’s Gloria Borger on NY Times Report: Trump Treats DOJ as ‘His Own Personal Set of Attorneys’

Nicolle Wallace: ‘Damning’ Take From Fox’s Napolitano on NY Times Report ‘Not a Good Omen’ for Trump

The Top 5 Highlights from the Blockbuster NY Times Report on Trump Investigations

Fox News’ Napolitano on Explosive Report of Trump-Whitaker Call: Would Clearly Be ‘An Attempt to Obstruct Justice’

Trump Lauds Bernie Sanders After Senator Declares 2020 Bid: ‘I Like Bernie,’ I ‘Wish Him Well’

Trump Denies NY Times Report on Conversation With Whitaker: ‘I Don’t Know Who Gave You That’

Parents Claim Young Child Was Called ‘Little Hitler’ For Selling Hot Chocolate to Raise Money For Trump’s Wall

Trump Reportedly Asked Whitaker About Putting US Attorney in Charge of Cohen Investigation Despite Recusal

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