Donald Trump

Trump on Voter Fraud: ‘Cheat At Your Own Peril’

Trump Reportedly Plans on Tapping Another Mar-a-Lago Member for Diplomatic Post

S.E. Cupp on Trump Using Caravan to Stoke Immigration Fears Among Base: ‘At What Cost to Basic Human Decency?’

Joe Biden: American Values are Being ‘Shredded’ by a POTUS ‘Who’s All About Himself’

Trump Promises ‘Major Tax Cut’ For Middle Class to Be Announced Before Midterms

Trump on Saudi Explanation of Khashoggi Killing: ‘I’m Not Satisfied Until We Find the Answer’

WATCH: Trump Polls His Own Rallygoers on Nickname Ideas for Joe Biden

Trump Tees Off on ‘Fake News’ at Nevada Rally: If They Were ‘On My Side,’ I’d Be at 100% Approval

Jamal Khashoggi’s Editor: Trump Doing ‘PR Work’ for Saudis by Calling Their Explanation Credible

WATCH LIVE: President Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally in Nevada

CNN’s Stelter: Trump Comments on Migrant Caravan Show ‘The Fox News Presidency at Work’

Trump Calls Tallahassee ‘One of the Worst & Most Corrupt’ Cities in America

I Went to the Reagan Library to Ask Ken Starr a Key Question About Trump & Here’s What Happened

Trump Calls Saudi Arabia’s Announcement on Jamal Khashoggi a ‘Good First Step’

Chris Cuomo: Corey Lewandowski Refuses to Condemn Trump Because ‘He Knows Where He Bread is Buttered’

Trump to Reporter Who Questioned His Claim About ‘Hardened Criminals’ Entering US: ‘Don’t Be a Baby’

Hannity: If You Care About Due Process and the Constitution, ‘You Better Get Your Ass to The Polls’

Reporter Body-Slammed by Congressman Disputes Trump’s Claim: My Attacker is No Tough Cookie

WATCH LIVE: President Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally in Arizona

Sen. Durbin Responds to Trump Blasting Democratic ‘Mob’: His Supporters Are Still Chanting ‘Lock Her Up!’

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