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CNN’s New Day Fact-Checks Trump’s Weekend Tweets: Relies on ‘Conspiracy Theories of Right Wing Media’

Mike Allen: Mueller ‘Much More Interested in What Happened After The Election Than Before’

Wife of Trump’s Social Media Man Dan Scavino Reportedly Files For Divorce

Ty Cobb Denies Mueller Removal Rumors: Trump is ‘Not Considering or Discussing the Firing’

White House Reportedly Changes Plan to Seek Death Penalty For Drug Dealers After Outcry

Trump Reportedly Made Senior WH Staffers Sign Nondisclosure Agreements

Durbin: Hillary Clinton’s Comments About Trump Voters ‘Not Helpful At All’

Sen. Angus King: Andrew McCabe’s Firing Appears To Be ‘Mean-Spirited’ Act of ‘Vengeance’

Bob Corker Expects Trump to Pull Out of Iran Nuclear Deal in May

Retired Gen. Who Called Trump a ‘Serious Threat’: I Don’t Understand Why He Won’t Confront Russia

Jeff Flake Calls on Republicans to Challenge Trump in 2020 Primary Elections

Sources Reportedly Contradict Sessions Testimony That He Opposed Russia Meeting During Campaign

Trey Gowdy: Trump’s Done ‘A Hell of a Lot Better’ on Russia Than Obama

Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Claims He Was Suspended By Facebook

Greg Gutfeld and Nicolle Wallace Get in Heated Twitter Spat: ‘This Person Is Officially Creepy’

Lindsey Graham Warns Trump: Firing Mueller Would Be ‘Beginning of the End of His Presidency’

Trey Gowdy Rips Trump Lawyer for Saying Mueller Probe Should End: If POTUS Innocent, ‘Act Like It!’

Twitter Lights Up Over Trump Tweetstorm Attacking McCabe, Mueller: ‘Sign of Something Brewing…’

Trump Goes After Mueller Team in Tweetstorm: ‘Does Anyone Think This Is Fair?’

Watch Guardian’s Stunning Interview With Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower: ‘A Grossly Unethical Experiment’

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