Donald Trump

Comey Hints Mueller Probe is Wrapping Up: He May Be ‘In the Fourth Quarter’

Trump: I Should Have Fired James Comey ‘The Day I Won the Primaries’

Trump: Bush Made ‘Worst Single Mistake’ in ‘History of Our Country’

You Can Own Candlesticks From Trump and Marla Maples’ Home For a Mere $6,000

Trump Talks Fox News Hosts, Bashes Phrase ‘Deep State’: ‘It Sounds So Conspiratorial’

Trump Downplays Manafort’s Campaign Role, Not Worried ‘As Long as He Tells The Truth’

Trump: I Want to See What Kavanaugh Accuser Has to Say

Trump Calls FBI ‘Cancer in Our Country,’ Says Exposing it Will Be ‘Crowning Achievement’

Trump Absolutely Ruins ‘Confused’ Jeff Sessions in Interview: ‘I Have No Attorney General’

Fox & Friends Agrees With Hillary Clinton: If Dems Lose Midterms, Trump’s Going to Fire Everyone

Late Night Comedians Have a Field Day With Stormy’s Description of Trump’s Junk

Trump Touts North Korea’s Proposal to Dismantle Missile Launch Facility: ‘Very Exciting!’

Michael Moore: Remove Kavanaugh’s Nomination Because Trump is ‘Under Criminal Investigation’

Trump Reportedly Angry at GOP FL Gov. Candidate Ron DeSantis for Being ‘Disloyal’

Brooke Baldwin to Trump After Comments on Kavanaugh, Christine Ford: ‘Mr. President, Refer to Her by Her Name’

Trump Says He Feels ‘Terribly’ For Kavanaugh at Presser: ‘This Is Not a Man That Deserves This’

Watch Trump’s Reaction After Polish President Proposes New Military Base Called ‘Fort Trump’

Trump Praises ‘Incredible Man’ Kavanaugh, Says ‘We Want to Give Everybody a Chance’ to Speak at Hearing

WATCH LIVE: Trump Holds Press Conference With President of Poland

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano: Trump Ordering Declassified Docs Runs Risk of Revealing Confidential Sources

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