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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Goes Off on Trump for ‘Shunning’ McCain During Bill Signing: ‘Where is the Grace?’

Soledad O’Brien Burns CNN For Calling Out White House Lack of Diversity: Where’s CNN’s Senior Black Staff?

Ann Coulter Slams Trump For Hiring His Kids, Omarosa: Why Don’t You Pick Smarter People?

Geraldo Bashes ‘Friend’ Trump For ‘Intemperate, Boorish’ Slams on Omarosa: ‘Open to Ugly Connotation’

Fox News Anchor Cites Her Sister ‘Who Worked on The Apprentice‘ to Refute Trump’s Alleged Use of N-Word

Omarosa Claims Trump Mocked Sean Spicer’s Looks: ‘Men’s Warehouse’ Spokesman

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Shreds Trump For False Statements, ‘Kowtowing to a Dangerous Competitor’

Rep Frederica Wilson Rips Trump for Calling a Woman of Color a ‘Dog’: ‘How Dare He!?’

Trump Once Again Blames Jeff Sessions: No Witch Hunt if We Had a ‘Real Attorney General’

Jeffrey Toobin Blasts Trump’s ‘Racist’ Slam on Omarosa: ‘It’s Always Black People’ Whose Intellect He Attacks

Omarosa Defends Secret Taping: ‘Everyone in the Trump World Lies’

Gayle King Challenges Omarosa About Rumors of Romantic Relationship With Trump

Omarosa Shares Tape of Trump Staffers Discussing N-Word Tape: ‘He Said It’

Trump Hits Back at ‘Crazed, Crying Lowlife’ Omarosa, Celebrates ‘Firing that Dog!’

Omarosa: Trump Called Don Jr. a ‘F*ck-Up’ for Releasing Emails on Russian Lawyer Meeting

Trump Claims Apprentice Producer Called Him to Deny There’s an N-Word Tape: ‘Deranged’ Omarosa ‘Made it Up’

Omarosa Says She’s Willing to Share Recordings With Mueller’s Office If They Call ‘Again’

WATCH: Trump Mocks McCain Again After Snubbing Him at Signing of Bill Named in His Honor

Trump Dares Andrew Cuomo to Launch 2020 Bid in Wild Speech: ‘Anybody That Runs Against Trump Suffers’

Jake Tapper Congratulates and Thanks John McCain ‘Since President Trump Would Not Do It’

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