Donald Trump

CNN’s Don Lemon Shreds Trump’s Excuses for Dictators, Political Allies: ‘All’s Fair as Long as You Win’

CNN’s Toobin on Judge Dismissing Stormy Daniels Defamation Lawsuit: ‘Big Win for the President’

Elizabeth Warren Rips Trump For Making ‘Creepy Physical Threats’: ‘May Soothe His Ego – But it Won’t Work’

Judge Dismisses Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Against Trump, Orders Her to Pay His Legal Fees

Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Was Always Suspicious’ That a ‘Financial Transaction’ Affected Trump’s Treatment of Saudis

Trump’s 60 Minutes Ratings Absolutely Tank From Last Interview

Trump: Elizabeth Warren ‘Owes the Country an Apology,’ I’ll Give the Money ‘If I Can Test Her Personally’

Fox News’ Kennedy Floats Theory Nikki Haley Wrote Anonymous NY Times Op-Ed

Stormy Daniels: Women Approach Me at Shows Sharing Personal Stories, ‘Just Heavy, Heavy Sh*t’

Conservative Twitter Crushes Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestry Dream: She’s ‘Even Less Native American’ Than Average American

Trump Denies Million Dollar Charity Offer for Elizabeth Warren DNA Test: ‘I Didn’t Say That’

Trump: Saudi Journalist Could Have Been Murdered By ‘Rogue Killers’

Trump Says He Spoke to Saudi King About Missing Journalist, Sending Mike Pompeo to Meet With Salman

Now That Elizabeth Warren Took a DNA Test, Does Trump Owe $1 Million to Charity?

CNN Panel of Regretful Trump Voters Shred ‘Dictator in the White House’: ‘Don’t Know Where the Bottom Is’

Elizabeth Warren Documents Her Native American Ancestry, Fires Back at Trump in Campaign-Style Short Film

Fox & Friends Completely Fawns Over Trump’s 60 Minutes Interview: Never More Confident

Morning Joe Slams Trump’s 60 Minutes Hit: Came Off as ‘Big Baby’; ‘Ill-Equipped and Unfit to Lead’

Trump No Longer Thinks Climate Change is a Hoax, Still Not Sure It’s Manmade

Trump On Trade Wars With China, U.S. Allies: ‘We’ve Been the Stupid Country for So Many Years’

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