Donald Trump

WATCH: Pompeo Responds to NY Times Rosenstein Bombshell

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Asks Whether Maybe Rosenstein Leaked to NYT to ‘Force’ Trump to Fire Him

RNC Spox Kayleigh McEnany Defends Trump’s Tweet on Christine Ford: He Raised ‘A Very Real Question’

Hillary Clinton: I Don’t Understand What’s Happened to the GOP, ‘Why Are They So Intimidated?’

Alan Dershowitz: Rosenstein Shouldn’t Be Fired, He Should Answer Questions Under Oath

Rob Goldstone Addresses His Infamous Russia Email to Don Jr. in New Interview: ‘It Was Puffed Up’

WATCH: Trump Vows to Get Rid of ‘Lingering Stench’ at Department of Justice

Ted Cruz Asked During Debate If He Lost His ‘Dignity’ by Supporting Trump After Brutal Insults

Ex-CIA Chief Panetta: We’ve ‘Been in a Constitutional Crisis for a Period of Time Here’

WATCH LIVE: President Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally in Springfield, Missouri

Fox News’ Chris Wallace: Rosenstein’s Denial of NY Times Report Is ‘Very Weak’

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano: If Trump Believes NY Times, He’ll Fire Rosenstein and Set Off ‘Turmoil’ in DOJ

Speculation Swirls That Bombshell NYT Report Was Planted to Sabotage Rosenstein

Katy Tur: NY Times Report May Give Trump ‘Justification’ for Getting Rid of Mueller

Bombshell: Rod Rosenstein Reportedly Talked About Secretly Recording Trump, Invoking 25th Amendment

WATCH LIVE: Trump Speaks at a Signing Ceremony on Government Funding Initiatives

Ex-Trump Lawyer Reportedly Wanted to Help Pay Manafort, Gates Legal Fees With Money from WH Legal Defense Fund

Watch Kellyanne Conway Say ‘There’s No Reason to Attack’ Kavanaugh Accuser Minutes Before Trump Attacked Her

Andrea Mitchell to Pompeo on Trump’s Ford Tweet: Is That the ‘American Value’ We Should Be Teaching Women?

Fox News’ Ed Henry: Trump’s Tweet on Christine Ford ‘Seems to Be a Big Mistake’

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