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Kayleigh McEnany Accuses Brennan of Being Part of Anti-Trump Conspiracy

Pentagon Announces Trump’s Military Parade Postponed

Rev. Al Sharpton Says Trump Needs to Hear Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’

Papadopoulos’ Wife Advertises for New Lawyer, Reportedly Wants Him to End Plea Deal With Mueller

The Five Erupts Over Media Coverage of Obama Vs. Trump: They’re ‘Dishonest Democrat Party Hacks’

Navy Admiral Who Oversaw Bin Laden Raid Demands Trump Revoke His Security Clearance: You’ve Humiliated the Nation

Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution Condemning Media Attacks: ‘The Press is Not the Enemy of the People’

Trump Mourns Aretha Franklin’s Passing: ‘A Great Woman…She Will Be Missed!’

Nightmarish Trailer For Steve Bannon’s New Movie Features Don Lemon, Pete Hegseth And That Racist Lunch Guy

John Brennan Hits Back in Scathing Op-Ed: Trump’s Claims of No Collusion ‘Hogwash’

Trump Connects Decision to Revoke Brennan Clearance to Russia ‘Witch Hunt’ in WSJ Interview

Trump Accuses Andrew Cuomo of Having ‘Meltdown’ After NY Gov Says America ‘Was Never That Great’

Comey Rips Trump Over Security Clearance Threat: ‘Politicians Enabling’ Him Should Be Held Accountable

Trump on Targeting Security Clearances: I’d Put a Republican on List if They Were ‘Incompetent or Crazy’

NYT Editorial Board Slams Trump as Part of Widespread Press Pushback to POTUS’ Media Attacks

Gen. Hayden: Security Clearance ‘Threat’ Is Attempt to Change What Critics Say, It Won’t Work

Last Night on MSNBC, John Brennan Said Trump Is ‘Feeding and Fueling Hatred’

Mark Warner: Trump Going After Security Clearances of Critics ‘Smacks of Nixonian-Type Practices’

Intel Chief Dan Coats Reportedly Not Consulted on Decision to Revoke Brennan Clearance

Twitter Explodes Over News of Trump Revoking John Brennan’s Security Clearance: ‘This. Is. So. Stupid.’

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