Donald Trump

Trump: Graham-Cassidy Bill Has ‘Very Good Chance’ of Passing, Obamacare ‘Totally Dysfunctional’

Rand Paul Hits Back at Trump on Health Care: ‘I Promised Repeal’ to Voters

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Rips Trump’s U.N. Speech: ‘Ignorant, Absurd, and Hateful’

Special Counsel Mueller Reportedly Interested in Trump’s Russian Oval Office Meeting

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calls ‘Rocket Man’ Name a ‘President Trump Original’

Megyn Kelly on Leaving Fox News: After Trump Attacks, ‘I Did Not Want to Live Like This’

Trump on Potential Middle East Peace Deal: ‘Who Knows? Stranger Things Have Happened’

Trump Hits Rand Paul on Twitter: A ‘Negative Force’ for Fixing Health Care

Nikki Haley Defends Trump’s ‘Rocket Man’ Remarks: ‘It Worked,’ People Are Talking About It

Just FYI — Russia Also Loved Trump’s U.N. Speech

Hot Take: Scarborough Says He Kinda Liked That Trump U.N Speech

RNC Reports Spending Over $400,000 On First Family Legal Fees Despite Trump’s Reported ‘$10 Billion’

Yes, Tucker Carlson Really Interviewed a Witch Tonight: ‘Is Eye of Newt an Actual Thing?’

Steve Bannon Reportedly Orders Breitbart to Attack Trump-Backed Alabama Senate Candidate

White House Denies Trump Apologized To Erdogan For Turkish Bodyguard Brawl With Protesters

CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump’s Speech Threatening War With North Korea ‘Made the UNGA Say OMG’

Gov. Jerry Brown Knocks Trump: ‘Fake News’ That America Got a Bad Deal in Paris Climate Accord

The Federalist Claims People Not Dating Conservatives is Why Trump Won

Twitter Just Can’t Get Enough Of a Face-Palming John Kelly Reacting to Trump’s UN Speech

Trump Nominee for Russia Ambassador: ‘No Question’ Russia Interfered in US Election

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