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WATCH LIVE: Trump Holds Round Table Talk on Tax Reform in Las Vegas

Trump Says He Apologized Over ‘Pocahontas’ Slur… to Pocahontas

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Speaks at Nevada Republican Party Convention

Before Executive Order, Trump Reportedly Said Separating Families Was a Good Deterrent: ‘My People Love It’

CNN’s Victor Blackwell Clashes With Pro-Trump Guest Over Family Separation: POTUS Created the Problem!

Sarah Sanders: I Was Kicked Out of Restaurant Because I Work for Trump

Time’s Defense of Its Cover is the Wrong Move for Anyone Who Cares About the Media (or Immigrants)

Hey Bill Maher: This Liberal Also Slammed Your Rooting For a Recession

Trump Touts Mueller Poll Numbers ‘Plummeting’ While Watching Fox & Friends: ‘Rigged’ Witch Hunt!

WH Event on Murder Victims of Illegal Immigrants Featured Giant Trump Autographs

Oops! Trump Goes On Rant Blasting San Diego’s Mayor for Tipping Off ICE Raids (It Was Oakland’s Mayor)

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin: Trump Officials Literally Congratulating Him for ‘Caving On His Own Policy’

Trump Uses Immigration Event With Families to Bash Media: Won’t Cover ‘Permanently Separated’ Families

Hannity Used Burner Phone in Singapore Over Concerns Chinese Agents Would Bug Him

WATCH LIVE: Trump Talks Immigration Reform With Angel Families

Time Magazine Stands by Cover After Photo Correction: Captures ‘Stakes of This Moment’

Tom Arnold Says Michael Cohen Agreed to Help Him Bring Trump Down: He ‘Has All The Tapes’

Charles Krauthammer is Being Properly Mourned Now, But Here is Where He Will Really Be Missed

Trump Endorses Candidate Who Once Said She Couldn’t Vote For Him And Still Look Her Children in the Eye

‘Game Over’: Mark Sanford Says Trump Tweet Ended Any Hope of Immigration Reform

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