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Trump Connects Decision to Revoke Brennan Clearance to Russia ‘Witch Hunt’ in WSJ Interview

Trump Accuses Andrew Cuomo of Having ‘Meltdown’ After NY Gov Says America ‘Was Never That Great’

Comey Rips Trump Over Security Clearance Threat: ‘Politicians Enabling’ Him Should Be Held Accountable

Trump on Targeting Security Clearances: I’d Put a Republican on List if They Were ‘Incompetent or Crazy’

NYT Editorial Board Slams Trump as Part of Widespread Press Pushback to POTUS’ Media Attacks

Gen. Hayden: Security Clearance ‘Threat’ Is Attempt to Change What Critics Say, It Won’t Work

Last Night on MSNBC, John Brennan Said Trump Is ‘Feeding and Fueling Hatred’

Mark Warner: Trump Going After Security Clearances of Critics ‘Smacks of Nixonian-Type Practices’

Intel Chief Dan Coats Reportedly Not Consulted on Decision to Revoke Brennan Clearance

Twitter Explodes Over News of Trump Revoking John Brennan’s Security Clearance: ‘This. Is. So. Stupid.’

BREAKING: Trump Revokes Ex-CIA Chief Brennan’s Security Clearance

Ari Fleischer: White House Now ‘Losing’ in Omarosa Feud Because of Trump’s Tweeting

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: America ‘Was Never That Great’

Seth Meyers Destroys Trump For Calling Omarosa a ‘Dog’: A ‘Racist With a Rotted-Out Soul’

Ed Henry Clashes With Katrina Pierson On ‘N-Word’ Tape: ‘You Changed Your Story!’

Fox News’ Ed Henry Confronts Katrina Pierson: Do You Raise Your Son to Call Women Dogs?’

Donny Deutsch: Trump So Fragile that Secret Service Act as ‘Fluffers’ to ‘Pump Him Up’

Don Lemon: Release of Alleged Trump N-Word Tape ‘Wouldn’t Change Anything’

Chris Cuomo Confronts Giuliani for Changing Comments on Trump-Comey Meeting: So Comey’s a ‘Crazy Liar’?

Anderson Cooper Presses Lynne Patton: Is It Appropriate for Trump to Call Omarosa a ‘Dog’?

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