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Dan Abrams: ‘Not a Scintilla of Evidence’ FBI Informant Was on Trump Campaign ‘For Political Purposes’

Trump Throws Chuck Schumer a Shoutout on China Trade Talks: We ‘Have Long Agreed’

Rod Rosenstein Responds to Trump’s Demands to Probe if DOJ ‘Infiltrated or Surveilled’ His Campaign

CNN Panel Responds to Hillary Clinton Trolling Trump With Russian Hat: ‘A Little Bit of Bitterness’

John Kerry Trolls Trump in Abu Dhabi: ‘We Won’t Win…By Going It Alone’

Former Obama Adviser Slams Fox News For Maria Bartiromo’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ About FBI Spying on Trump Campaign

Twitter Stunned By Trump Demanding Investigation Into FBI ‘Spying’ on Campaign: He’s ‘Finally Crossed The Red Line’

‘I Hereby Demand…’: Trump Directs DOJ to ‘Look Into’ FBI ‘Spying’ on Trump Campaign

Kellyanne Conway Demands CNN’s Brian Stelter Reveal Who He Voted For in 2016 Election

Trump Rails Against Russia ‘Witch Hunt’ And ‘Crooked’ NY Times For ‘Boring’ Report in Wild Tweetstorm

Eric and Don Trump Jr. Dish on How the ‘Dishonest Media is Being Dishonest’ on SNL’s Weekend Update

Judge Jeanine Pirro Pummels Jeff Sessions: ‘The Most Dangerous Man in America’

Anthony Scaramucci Defends Backing Convicted Felon Running for Congress: I’m ‘All About Redemption’

Trump Calls on Justice Department to Release Mueller Probe Documents: ‘Drain the Swamp!’

Liberal Filmmaker Michael Moore Says Getting Rid of Trump ‘Shouldn’t be the Main Goal’

Avenatti Fires Back at Michael Cohen Attorneys for Court Filing Saying He’s Created ‘Carnival Atmosphere’

‘God’ Twitter Account Responds to Trump ‘God Bless You’ Tweet : ‘F*ck You A**hole’

President Trump Accidentally Misspells His Wife Melania’s Name on Twitter

BBC Three Twitter Account Throws Shade at Trump With Royal Wedding Crowd Size

NYT Shields Identity of FBI Informant on Trump Campaign… But Another Outlet Reveals Him

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