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Omarosa: Trump Called Don Jr. a ‘F*ck-Up’ for Releasing Emails on Russian Lawyer Meeting

Trump Claims Apprentice Producer Called Him to Deny There’s an N-Word Tape: ‘Deranged’ Omarosa ‘Made it Up’

Omarosa Says She’s Willing to Share Recordings With Mueller’s Office If They Call ‘Again’

WATCH: Trump Mocks McCain Again After Snubbing Him at Signing of Bill Named in His Honor

Trump Dares Andrew Cuomo to Launch 2020 Bid in Wild Speech: ‘Anybody That Runs Against Trump Suffers’

Jake Tapper Congratulates and Thanks John McCain ‘Since President Trump Would Not Do It’

Media is About to Make the Same Mistake With Michael Avenatti That They Made With Trump

President Trump Signs ‘John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act,’ Doesn’t Mention John McCain

Mike Huckabee: ‘Fair Criticism’ to Say Trump Shouldn’t Have Hired Omarosa in the First Place

Trump in the Omarosa Tape: Is He a Lying Coward, or Impotent and Clueless

Kasich Responds to Trump Attack With Laughing Putin GIF

Trump Praises Strzok Firing: ‘Crooked Hillary Clinton Sham Investigation’ Should Be ‘Redone’

Trump Blames ‘Unpopular’ John Kasich for ‘Tamping Down’ Balderson ‘Enthusiasm’

Omarosa: Hope Hicks Prepped Trump to Lie in Lester Holt Interview, But He’s Too ‘Mentally Challenged’

Giuliani Blasts Omarosa: ‘What Kind of Ingratitude Is This?’

Trump’s Attacks on Ex-White House Official ‘Wacky Omarosa’ Blows Up Twitter: ‘We Asked For This’

White House Staff Reportedly Had to Tell President Trump That Nepal Isn’t Pronounced ‘Nipple’

Trump Ruins ‘Wacky Omarosa’ in Brutal Tweetstorm: Staff ‘Hated Her’, She’s ‘Vicious, But Not Smart’ (UPDATES)

Dan Abrams: White House May Classify Conversations to Keep Omarosa From Releasing Them

Omarosa Says Trump is Being ‘Puppeted’ By John Kelly: He ‘Has No Clue What’s Going On’

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