Donald Trump

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto: No Confirmation Yet of ‘Nefarious Elements’ in Caravan, ‘Suspicion Isn’t Good Enough’

Trump Says Saudi Cover-Up of Khashoggi Killing One of ‘Worst in the History of Cover-Ups’

Trump, Confronted by Acosta on Claim of Middle Easterners in Caravan, Admits ‘There’s No Proof of Anything’

Shepard Smith Delivers Comprehensive Fact Check of Migrant Caravan Fear-Mongering

NBC’s Peter Alexander: Trump Nationalism Not Just Racist but Xenophobic

Dem Rep. on Trump Calling Himself a Nationalist: Reminds Me of Rhetoric ‘That Came from People Like Hitler’

Trump to Meet with Putin Next Month, National Security Adviser Bolton Confirms

CNN’s Weir on Trump’s Migrant Caravan Claim: We’ve Been Playing ‘Spot the Middle Easterner’ for Days and Found Nothing

‘Absolutely Thermonuclear Midterm’: Here’s What Cable News Pundits Are Saying About the Election, 2 Weeks Out

CNN’s New Day Attacks Trump’s Lies, Fear-Mongering Ahead of Midterms: ‘No Rooting in Reality’

Joe Scarborough Likens Trump’s ‘Unbelievable’ Lies to Hitler’s Psychological Profile

Trump Declares Himself a ‘Nationalist’ After Ripping Globalists at Rally: ‘Use That Word’

Trump Doubles Down on Baseless Caravan Claim at Rally: ‘Very Bad People’ Are Coming, It’s an ‘Assault On Our Country’

WATCH: Trump Calls One-Time Bitter Rival Cruz ‘A Really Good Friend of Mine’

Ari Melber Chides Ted Cruz Ahead of Trump Rally By Invoking Rap Beef: As if Drake and Pusha-T Made an Album

Trump: Khashoggi Killing Was ‘Foolish and Stupid,’ a ‘Plot Gone Awry’

Obama: No, Michelle’s Not Running for President, ‘But She Is Out There Telling You to Vote’

WATCH LIVE: Trump Holds Rally for Ted Cruz in Texas Ahead of Midterm Elections

Obama Mocks Trump for Constantly ‘Making Stuff Up’: ‘I Believe in a Fact-Based Reality’

Former Trump Lawyer Ty Cobb: Mueller Probe Is Not a ‘Witch Hunt’

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