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Trump Rips ‘Loudmouth, Partisan, Political Hack’ John Brennan: Will Go Down as ‘Worst’ CIA Chief in History

Trump Rails on Twitter Against Conservative Social Media Censorship: ‘Too Many Voices Are Being Destroyed’

John Brennan: Trump ‘Doesn’t Deserve to be Given This Type of Leash’

Trump’s Team Reportedly Discussed Yanking Security Clearances to Divert from Bad Press

NY Times Editor Dean Baquet: Trump ‘Has Sent a Message to Despots’ That It’s OK to ‘Disrespect’ Press

Trump Gleefully Predicts Andrew Cuomo’s Political Demise: His ‘Career is Over!’

Bloomberg’s Eli Lake: Brennan Needs to ‘Put Up or Shut Up’ if He’s Going to Spread McCarthyist Innuendo on Trump

Karl Rove: Trump-World Chatter That Brennan is the Man Behind the Russia Probe is a ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Trump Boasts: I Gave John Brennan a ‘Bigger Voice’ by Removing His Security Clearance

Trump Rails Against Andrew Cuomo: ‘I Have Already MADE America Great Again’

There Is Likely No ‘N-Word’ Tape…and Trump Benefits From the Rumor Being Taken Seriously

Trump Mocked After Cancelling Military Parade: Plan ‘Substitute Parade’ For Everyone With ‘Bone Spurs’

Kellyanne Conway to WH Press Corps: ‘Why is Everybody So Obsessed with the President?’

Mike Allen: President Trump ‘Likes to Be Begged’ Over Pardon Power

Trump Takes Credit For Cancellation of His Own ‘Ridiculously’ Expensive Military Parade

Morning Joe Contributor: No Question Trump Campaign Colluded With the Russians

Kayleigh McEnany Accuses Brennan of Being Part of Anti-Trump Conspiracy

Pentagon Announces Trump’s Military Parade Postponed

Rev. Al Sharpton Says Trump Needs to Hear Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’

Papadopoulos’ Wife Advertises for New Lawyer, Reportedly Wants Him to End Plea Deal With Mueller

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