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Lou Dobbs Bizarrely Scolds Mike Pompeo For Disrespecting Trump With Use of First Person Singular

Avenatti Attempts to Revive Stormy Daniel’s Suit: Trump and Giuliani ‘Shot Themselves in the Foot’

NBA Coach Steve Kerr Blasts NFL For ‘Scaring People’ With ‘Fake Patriotism’

Top Dems Claim ‘There is No Evidence’ of Spy in Trump’s Campaign

For A Limited Time Only, Those Totally Obsolete Trump/Kim Coins Are On Sale At the WH Gift Shop

Trump’s New Russia Probe ‘Defense’ Recalls How O.J. Simpson Got Away With Murder

The View Mocks Trump Over Cancelled Summit: There Goes ‘That Nobel Peace Prize’

Trump Speaks After Cancelling Summit: ‘A Tremendous Setback for North Korea’

Trump’s Withdrawal From North Korea Nuke Summit Divides Pundits: ‘Pure Trump’

BREAKING: Trump Nukes Denuclearization Summit With Kim Jong Un

Maria Bartiromo Calls on Mueller to Investigate Hillary Clinton For Russian Collusion

Trump Fired Up About Immigration in Fox & Friends Interview: ‘The Whole System is Corrupt’

Trump Claims Clapper ‘Admitted’ to ‘Spying’ in Campaign. Here’s What He Actually Said

Trump Fires Back at Comey: How Will He Explain ‘Lies’ and ‘Deceit’ to His Grandchildren?

Trump Says NFL Players ‘Have’ to Stand During Anthem: Maybe Those Who Don’t ‘Shouldn’t Be in the Country’

Brian Stelter Gives His ‘Cynical’ Theory For Why Lesley Stahl Kept Trump Anecdote Quiet

Don Lemon Sounds Alarm on Trump’s ‘Lying’ About FBI Spying: We Are in an ‘Extreme Crisis’

CNN Town Hall Questioner Challenges Nancy Pelosi: Shouldn’t There Be Proof of Russia Collusion by Now?

Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Says He Hasn’t Spoken to Trump in Weeks

Sen. Jeff Flake Unloads on Trump in Harvard Commencement Speech: ‘Bottomless Appetite for Destruction’

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