Donald Trump

Seth Meyers Asks Trump About His Makeup, the Wall, and His Penis in Hilarious Mock Press Conference

Trump’s Own Economists Say Shutdown Will Cost Economy Double What They Thought It Would

Jimmy Kimmel Relentlessly Mocks Trump For Renaming Hamburgers as ‘Hamberders’

Trump Gets Grilled About ‘Pee-Pee Tape’ By McDonalds Mascot Grimace in Late Show Cold Open

Dem Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: Trump ‘Should Be Indicted’ If He Committed Crimes

Sen. Mark Warner: I’d ‘Love to Hear’ From Tillerson About Trump’s Meeting With Putin

Ann Coulter: Trump ‘Is Dead in the Water If He Doesn’t Build That Wall –– Dead, Dead, Dead’

Bobby Rush Blasts Resolution Against ‘Unrepentant Racist’ Steve King: It Didn’t Go Far Enough

Watch Trump AG Pick Bill Barr Tell Senate ‘I Don’t Subscribe to This Lock Her Up Stuff’

Democratic Rep. Appeals to Ann Coulter: ‘Please Tell the President It’s OK to Open Up the Government’

Sean Hannity: Trump Will Soon Reveal ‘Five Different Buckets’ of Secret Info on FBI Corruption

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Loudly Wonders If Trump Has ‘Something Pretty Extreme’ on Lindsey Graham to Get His Support

AG Nominee Barr Breaks From Trump: Sessions Should Have Recused Himself, Mueller Not on a Witch Hunt

Rep. Jackie Speier Mocks Trump Claim Democrats Are Calling Him to Defect Over Shutdown: ‘In His Dreams’

Mueller is Reportedly Renewing His Efforts to Interview Trump in Person

Alisyn Camerota Clashes With Ken Starr: How Can You Find Facts on Trump Putin Meetings Without Investigating?

Trump Goes on Retweet Frenzy Amid Shutdown Stalemate, Latest Russia Reports

Trump Reportedly Spoke to NatSec Officials About Pulling Out of NATO

‘Bad!’ Trump Accuses FBI Investigation for ‘Spying on My Campaign’

Joe Scarborough: Only Vladimir Putin Wants the United States to Withdraw from NATO

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