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Erik Prince Goes on Fox & Friends to Appeal to Trump to Privatize Afghanistan War

Trump: James Clapper Is ‘Being Nice to Me so He Doesn’t Lose His Security Clearance’

Scarborough: Melania is Either ‘Completely Clueless’ or Trolling Her Husband

Trump Threatens to Pull Clearance For CNN’s Phil Mudd After Seeing Him on TV: He’s ‘In No Mental Condition’

Kevin Hart Taunts POTUS in VMA Opener: ‘In Your Face, Trump! Suck it!’

Ex-NSA Chief Hayden Buries Trump Over Report He May Deny Briefings to Obama: That’s ‘Almost Unspeakable’

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Tears Into Trump For Saying He Could Run Mueller Probe: That’s ‘King-Like’ Power

Trump Says He Could Lead the Investigation Into Himself: I Can ‘Run it if I Want’

Shepard Smith: Giuliani’s ‘Truth Isn’t Truth’ Flub Will Stand ‘Alongside’ Kellyanne’s ‘Alternative Facts’

WATCH: Trump Reassures Crowd That Border Patrol Agent ‘Speaks Perfect English’

WATCH LIVE: Trump Speaks at Event Honoring ICE

Fox’s Outnumbered Not Thrilled With Trump’s Mueller and Sessions Tweets: ‘Kind of Ridiculous’

Omarosa Rails Against Trump Administration’s Lack of Diversity: It is Actually the White House

Why Won’t Those Who Claim to Be ‘Pro-Law Enforcement’ Defend Our Law Enforcement Leaders?

Trump Continues to Hammer DOJ Lawyer Bruce Ohr: ‘A Total Joke!’

Trump Dares John Brennan to Sue: ‘Worst CIA Director’ Will Have to Reveal Texts, Emails and Documents

John Oliver Mocks Giuliani’s ‘Truth Isn’t Truth’ Quote: ‘Don’t Worry Donald, Prison Isn’t Prison’

Giuliani Clarifies ‘Truth Isn’t Truth’ Comment: ‘Not Meant as a Pontification on Moral Theology’

Trump Opens Fire on ‘Discredited’ Mueller and His ‘Thugs’: ‘National Disgrace!’

Joe Scarborough: ‘Everyone Knows Rudy Giuliani Is Lying, Even Trump!’

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