Donald Trump

WATCH LIVE: Trump Delivers Speech to Venezuelan Community in Miami to Support Juan Guaido

Jussie Smollett Was Reportedly Upset a Racist Letter Sent to His Studio Didn’t Get a Bigger Reaction

Bill Weld on Primary Run Against Trump: Oval Office Meeting With the Russians Showed ‘Contempt for the American People’

Japanese PM Dodges When Asked if U.S. Govt Asked Him to Nominate Trump For Nobel Prize

Jeffrey Toobin: It’s ‘Bizarre and Perhaps Sinister’ That Trump Takes Advice From Putin

WATCH: Ivanka Glares Icily as Angela Merkel Wrecks Trump For Saying US-Made BMWs May Be Security Threats

Andrew McCabe: Trump Dismissed US Intel on North Korea By Saying ‘I Don’t Care, I Believe Putin’

Trump Hits Back: Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein Got Caught ‘Planning Illegal and Treasonous’ Act

Andrew McCabe: Rod Rosenstein Offered to Wear Wire into White House

George Conway Tells Trump to Honor the Lord’s Day: Take One Day Off from ‘Debasing’ Your Office

Rush Limbaugh Denies He Influences Trump. Hours Later, Trump Quotes Him in Coup-Touting Tweet.

Lindsey Graham Defends Reallocating Funds for Trump’s Border Wall: It’s ‘Better’ for KY Kids to Have a Secure Border

After Dodge and Weave, Adam Schiff Sort of Says He’ll Accept Mueller Report Even if it Finds No Collusion

California AG Says Five States Will Sue Trump Over National Emergency Declaration

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Repeatedly Nails Stephen Miller on National Emergency: ‘Answer My Question!’

No Joke: Trump Urges ‘Retribution’ Against Saturday Night Live and ‘Many Other Shows’

‘SNL’ Cold Open Goes After Trump Declaring a National Emergency: ‘We Need Wall. Wall Works.’

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Says He’s Undecided on Whether to Support Trump’s Emergency Declaration

Trump Tweets New Version of Video Mocking Dems at SOTU After Original Taken Down, Set to ‘God Bless the U.S.A.’

Dem Committee Chairs Reportedly Starting Push for WH to Turn Over Info on Trump’s Private Conversations With Putin

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