Donald Trump

Don Lemon Doubts Trump’s Twitter Tirades Can Be Reined In: ‘He’s a Grown A– Man,’ How Can You Stop Him?

Trump Appointed EPA Official Arrested on Ethics Charges

Jake Tapper, CNN Panel Debate if Mueller Probe is Nearing End: ‘Yes, Mr. President, Winter is Coming’

Trump Continues to Claim F-35 Jets Are Literally Invisible: ‘They’re Stealth, You Can’t See Them’

WATCH: Trump Gives Speech on Veterans

Trump’s Defense in CNN Lawsuit: He Has Authority to Ban All Reporters From White House

Trump Tweetstorm Raging Against Mueller Probe Has Some Asking if End is Near: ‘Guy Sounds Super Innocent’

Trump Supporter Interrupts Fiddler on the Roof Performance Shouting ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’

John Kennedy on Trump’s Mueller Slams: Tweeting Less ‘Would Not Cause Brain Damage’

Trouble in Paradise? Trump Reportedly Mocks Hannity’s Suck-Up Interviews Behind His Back

Morning Joe Roasts Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims With Simpsons Clip: ‘I Thought it Was The Onion


Trump Slams ‘FAKE NEWS MEDIA’ Over Reports of Staff Changes, WH Turmoil: ‘Very Dishonest’

Lindsey Graham Tells Hannity: ‘Trump is Not Going to Fire Mueller’

Trump Picks Handbag Designer and Mar-a-Lago Member for Ambassador Post

Colbert Mocks Trump’s Policy Time: ‘These are Things Your Brain Should Know’

Van Jones Gives Trump ‘Salute’ and ‘Applause’ After Backing Prison Reform Measure

Anderson Cooper Mocks Trump’s Latest Voter Fraud Claim With Clip of Circus Clowns

Roger Stone Associate Told Him ‘Hillary’s Campaign Will Die This Week’ in 2016 Texts Obtained by NBC News

CNN’s Toobin: Jeff Flake Making Empty Threat on Mueller Bill, McConnell Is Going to Squash Him Like a Bug

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