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ABC’s Raddatz Presses FEMA Chief on Federal Distribution of Medical Supplies: ‘Have You Seen the Urgent Pleas?’

ABC’s Martha Raddatz put FEMA administrator Peter Gaynor to the grindstone as she asked whether the federal government has done everything possible to respond to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Gaynor was on multiple Sunday shows to defend the Trump administration’s handling of medical supply chains, and he faced a bruising interview from CNN’s Jake Tapper when he couldn’t list a figure for how many medical masks the government has shipped around the country. When Gaynor joined Raddatz on This Week, he talked up the government’s shipping efforts while fielding more questions about hospitals in desperate need of more equipment.

As Gaynor insisted that more masks have been sent to coronavirus hotspots around the country, Raddatz asked him whether the health care system could be “overwhelmed” before they have a chance to arrive. Since Gaynor pointed to government efforts to obtain and ship out supplies from every available public and private stockpile, this prompted Raddatz to ask why these resources haven’t already been used up.

“I wonder why the stockpile hasn’t been depleted,” Raddatz questioned. “Have you seen the urgent plea from healthcare workers?”

“We have,” Gaynor said. “I have talked to governors, I’ve talked to emergency managers, we’ve gotten updates to the task force. I’m well aware for the high demand for these items.”

“Again, why haven’t those been shipped to those urgent care facilities if you have those masks in the stockpile – as you say you have and they’re shipped – why weren’t they shipped before?” Raddatz asked again. “Which goes back to my original question: how are we in such bad shape at this point in terms of supplies?

Watch above, via ABC.

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