CNN Severely Restricts International Travel Over Coronavirus ‘Outbreak Globally’ in New Memo


Mike Coppola/Getty Images

A new WarnerMedia memo to news and sports employees by chairman Jeff Zucker told employees to “limit all forms of travel as much as possible,” that intercontinental trips must be personally approved Zucker himself, and internal meetings should happen via phone or videoconference.

The memo, obtained by Mediaite, said it was about “new restrictions that have been placed on travel for all employees due to the coronavirus outbreak globally.”

While trips for the upcoming Democratic debate, NBA and NCAA coverage are not being canceled, the memo called for using good judgment on limiting participants who are not “absolutely critical.”

The global news and sports behemoth noted that some types of critical news gathering will continue, as is the case with CNN’s international news gathering operations, “and specifically for those that are covering the outbreak of coronavirus,” which have their own set of protocols and restrictions in terms of travel approval and safety precautions.

The memo included a request for “prudent decisions” even when it comes to personal travel unrelated to work, for the health and safety of the employee and their family, but also their colleagues upon their return.

CNN has a New York City headquarters, where the first coronavirus case was discovered Sunday.

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