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Anderson Cooper Knocks Hannity For Taking Part In ‘Smear Campaign’ Against Mueller and Comey

Longtime Trump Lawyer: Cohen Will Flip Because He Can’t Handle the ‘Rigors of Jail Life’

YouTube Ran Big Name Ads on Nazi and North Korean Propaganda Channels

James Comey Says He’s Nonpartisan and in No One’s ‘Pocket’

Watch Bob Corker Stubbornly Refuse to Endorse Trump’s ‘Very Questionable’ 2020 Reelection Effort

CNN’s Cuomo Battles GOP Sen. Johnson For Refusal to Back Trump’s Re-election: ‘You’re in a Box’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Likens Morning Joe to Hannity: ‘How is This Different?’

Sean Hannity Goes Off on Anderson Cooper: ‘More Like Jerry Springer Than a Newscaster’

Andre Bauer Slams Former Rival Nikki Haley Over Russia: I Could Name ‘Several Times’ She Was ‘Very Confused’

While CNN and MSNBC Obsess Over Stormy Daniels, Fox News Covers a Real Crisis in Syria

Here’s The Video of Jeffrey Toobin Singing Bon Jovi That You Didn’t Know You Needed

Hannity Goes Off Calling His ‘Holier-Than-Thou’ Critics Hypocrites: I’m ‘Honest About Who I Am!’

CNN’s Stelter: If Maddow Was ‘Getting Secret Legal Advice From a Clinton Lawyer,’ Hannity Would Go Wild

Rand Paul Suggests Recent Syrian Chemical Attack Might Be False Flag: ‘Does It Make Any Sense?’

Ex-Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta Goes After Comey: ‘Arrogance’ Led Him to Make a ‘Very Bad Error’

CNN Anchor Mocks Hannity: ‘I’m John Berman and Michael Cohen Is Not My Attorney’

CNN Panel Goes Off on Hannity for Not Disclosing Cohen Ties: ‘Sketchy at the Very Least’

Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Clash in Bitter Marathon Exchange: ‘I Don’t Try to Poison People’s Minds’

CNN’s Camerota Spars With Ronna McDaniel Over RNC’s Sex Scandals: What Does This Say About ‘Culture’?

Former Trump Spox Jason Miller Buries Comey: ‘The Hubris of This Man…’

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