CNN’s New Day Links Khashoggi Murder to Trump Rhetoric: ‘Literally Glorified Attacks on the Press’

CNN’s Symone Sanders Dismisses Angry Protestors Confronting GOPers as ‘One-Off Instances’

Beto O’Rourke Says His ‘Lyin’ Ted’ Cruz Insult Might Have Been ‘a Step Too Far’

Trump Reportedly Sided With John Bolton in Shouting Match With John Kelly, But Denies Knowing About It

Van Jones Hits Dems ‘Spun Up’ About Impeaching Trump: ‘We Might Have a Problem in This Party’

CNN’s Max Boot: Asking Saudis to Investigate Themselves is Like Asking Trump Jr. to Conduct Russia Probe

NY Times Columnist Frank Bruni Wrecks Trump: He’s Trying to Help the Saudis ‘Launder Their Reputation’

CNN Panel Says Trump Supporters Who Attend Rallies Are ‘Cruel’

CNN Executive Trades Barbs With Ex-CNN Commentator: You’re ‘Shoveling Sh*t’ to ‘Score Cheap Points’

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin to Colbert: I Don’t Want to Be ‘Word Police’ But Can’t Allow Liberal Protesters to be Called a ‘Mob’

Brian Stelter Battles Eric Bolling Over Fox News’ Coverage of Trump: You Can Admit They’re ‘Much Cozier’

EXCLUSIVE: HLN Axes Most Live Shows, Including Carol Costello and Ashleigh Banfield

CNN Reports Saudis Preparing to Admit Jamal Khashoggi Was Killed in ‘Interrogation Gone Wrong’

CNN Panel of Regretful Trump Voters Shred ‘Dictator in the White House’: ‘Don’t Know Where the Bottom Is’

CNN’s Reliable Sources on Hope Hicks and Bill Shine: The Fox ‘Revolving Door’ with Trump Admin ‘Very Real’

Bernie Sanders Declines to Condemn Protesters Confronting Republicans: ‘We Have to Mobilize People’

Jesse Watters Blasts CNN Host for Banning the Word ‘Mob’

CNN Panel Slams GOPer For Tying Dem ‘Angry Mobs’ to Scalise Shooting: ‘That’s Out of Bounds!’

Mediaite’s Ranking of Best Cable News Show at 8 P.M.: Tucker Carlson, Chris Hayes, Anderson Cooper

The Media’s Vicious, Race-Baiting Coverage of Kanye West Exposes Their Ideological Intolerance

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