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Roger Stone: Manhattan Madam Subpoena May Be Payback for Me Breaking InfoWars Story on Podesta

When Trump Found Out About Tape, He Reportedly Said ‘I Can’t Believe Michael Would Do This to Me’

CNN’s Cuomo: Calling the Press the ‘Enemy of the People’ Is Proof Trump Hates America

Rep. Adam Schiff: Republicans ‘Refused’ to Bring in Russian Spy For Fear of Tarnishing NRA

Fmr US Ambassador Says Trump Cannot Be Trusted: Russian Meddling Denial ‘Borders Virtual Treason’

Republican Congressman Asks Why We Can’t Call Women Sluts Anymore

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Hammers Jeff Glor Over Excerpt of Trump Interview: ‘Ask Him a Tough Question!’

CNN Panel Rips White House After Sanders Briefing: ‘Gaslighting is a Perfect Word to Use’

Fmr Fox Newser Kirsten Powers: If Obama Said All That in Helsinki, ‘Fox News Would Burn to the Ground’

CNN’s Burnett: Ex-Trump Aide Michael Anton Cancelled Interview Because He Can’t Defend President

CNN’s John King Dubs Trump’s Meeting With Putin ‘The Surrender Summit’

CNN Airs Russian State TV Clip Claiming Election Meddling Indictments Blatant Attempt to Torpedo the Summit

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz on Trump-CNN Flap: Jim Acosta Was ‘Trying to Hijack the Question’

Jake Tapper Responds to White House Pulling John Bolton Interview Over Supposed CNN ‘Disrespect’

CNN Host Blows Up Over Partisan Bickering About Russian Meddling: ‘This Was Terrorism!’

Joe Walsh Explains How He Was Duped By Sacha Baron Cohen Into Talking About Arming Pre-Schoolers

Trump: CNN’s Jim Acosta is ‘Actually a Nice Guy’

Hannity Praises CNN’s Jake Tapper For Calling Out Obama On Being ‘Asleep at the Switch’ on Russia

Roger Stone: ‘I Never Denied’ I Was the US Person Named in the Mueller Indictment

CNN’s Toobin: Trump Was ‘Encouraging Russia to Keep Stealing These Emails’ During Campaign

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