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CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Blasts Trump’s ‘So-Called Spy Issue’: It’s ‘Really a Fake Issue’

John Avlon Joins CNN Full Time, Noah Shachtman Named Daily Beast’s New Editor

Chris Cuomo Battles Rep. Peter King in Tense Russia Debate: ‘I Can’t Believe You’re Saying’ There’s No Basis For Probe

Nancy Pelosi at CNN Town Hall: If Only Democrats Impeach Trump, ‘It Will Divide The Country’

Chris Cuomo Presses Nancy Pelosi on School Safety: The Building You Work in is Secure

CNN Town Hall Questioner Challenges Nancy Pelosi: Shouldn’t There Be Proof of Russia Collusion by Now?

Reporters Barred from Covering EPA Summit Again, After Alleged Shoving Incident on Tuesday

CNN’s School Shootings Math Doesn’t Add Up: BB Gun Bruises Don’t Count

Chris Cuomo Battles Rep. Jim Jordan Over Trump Claims of FBI Spy, Russia Probe: ‘That is Demonstrably False’

Law Professor Who Said Dems Weighing Trump Impeachment Need to ‘Shoot to Kill’ Apologizes for Word Choice

Bannon and Lewandowski Reportedly Persuading Trump to Battle The DOJ

Charlie Dent, Recently-Resigned GOP Rep Often Critical of Trump, Inks Deal as CNN Contributor

CNN Panel Goes Off the Rails Over Trump’s Demand for Surveillance Probe: ‘Inept, Clueless, Out of the Loop’

Fox News Dominates Royal Wedding Ratings, CNN Takes Demo

Jake Tapper’s CNN Panel Turns Into Shouting Match Over DACA Fix: Trump ‘Blew It Up!’

Kellyanne Conway Battles CNN’s Stelter on Leaks, Trump Avoiding The Press: ‘Don’t Make This About You Again!’

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Suggests Abortion Led to Santa Fe Shooting

6 Craziest Moments From Giuliani’s Marathon CNN Battle With Chris Cuomo

Jake Tapper: ‘I Just Would Like The Truth and Facts To Be Respected Again In This Country’

CNN Explodes When Racist Lawyer Is Compared to Trump: ‘These Are Everyday Bigots’

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