Rep. Omar: I Don’t Know How ‘Israel Has Hypnotized the World’ Would Be Offensive to Jewish-Americans

Howard Dean Slams Tulsi Gabbard: Doesn’t ‘Know What She’s Doing’ and ‘Not Qualified’

WATCH: CNN’s Cuomo and Giuliani Battle It Out in Off the Rails Shoutfest

U.S. Troops Dead After ISIS-Claimed Suicide Bomb in Manjib, Syria Caught on Video

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Praises Barr’s Performance During Hearing: A ‘Very Impressive Witness’

CNN Analyst Calls Out Fox News’ David Webb On-Air For ‘White Privilege’. Webb Informs Her He’s Black.

Former Republican Rep. Mark Sanford Asks Why We Don’t Hold Trump to Same Standard as Steve King

Rep. Jackie Speier Mocks Trump Claim Democrats Are Calling Him to Defect Over Shutdown: ‘In His Dreams’

Kellyanne Conway Confronts CNN Analyst For Saying People Don’t Like Her: ‘You Shouldn’t Lie On Twitter’

CNN Obtains Transcripts of FBI Debate Over Whether Trump Was ‘Following Directions’ of Russia

Sen. Mark Warner Goes Off on Trump’s ‘Inept Negotiation’ on Wall: ‘He Boxed Himself in a Corner’

WATCH: Sen. Mark Warner Gives Jake Tapper Huge List of Reasons FBI Had to Suspect Trump

Jesse Watters Asks: ‘Is Jim Acosta Working for President Trump or CNN?’

Educator Answers Rep. King’s Question on How White Nationalism is Offensive: This is Stuff a 7-Year-Old Would Know

KUSI Says It’s Standing by Original Report on CNN Spat: ‘We Are Not Backing Away’

Bill Weir to Anchor Who Accused CNN of Spiking Wall Segment: ‘How Does it Feel to Sell Off a Chunk of Your Soul?’

KUSI Reporter Slams CNN in Border Reporting Spat: We Said Things ‘They Didn’t Want to Hear’

TV Station That Accused CNN of Spiking Wall Segment For Political Reasons is Now Backtracking

Trump Blasts CNN Over Spat With San Diego News Station –– CNN Responds

CNN Responds to Local Network’s Allegation They Spiked Border Wall Report: ‘This is a Non Story’

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