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CNN’s Brian Karem Doubles Down on WH Briefing Outburst: I’m Sorry I Held My Temper So Long

Ex-CNN Host Blasts Jeff Zucker For Unpaid Wages: He’s ‘Making a Fortune’ Off Trump

Kim Kardashian Reveals to Van Jones Why Kanye ‘Loves’ Trump

CNN’s Brian Karem Should Be Embarrassed By His Childish Outburst at Sarah Huckabee Sanders

AT&T’s Acquisition of Time Warner is a Done Deal

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Attacks CNN’s Brian Karem for Questioning Sarah Sanders: ‘He’s the Press Club Hobo’

CNN’s John Avlon Decodes Trump’s Praise of Kim: ‘Tough’ Really Means ‘Killing a Lot of People’

Frank Luntz Goes After CNN’s Brian Stelter: It’s ‘Disgusting’ Media Doesn’t Give POTUS Credit

Cuomo Hits Corey Stewart For ‘Cheap Shot’ Against Father: Pops Would’ve ‘Rearranged His Face’

Cuomo Hammers VA Senate Nominee on Ties to Racists in Wild Interview: You Called Anti-Semite Your Hero?

CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Inks Deal to Stay on Through 2020 Election

Chris Cuomo Says Trump’s Opposition to AT&T-Time Warner Merger is About ‘Reinforcing’ His Own Power

Michelle Wolf Dishes on ‘Gross’ WHCD: CNN Head Jeff Zucker Was ‘Hugging Kellyanne Conway’

Jake Tapper on Bill Clinton’s Recent #MeToo Stumbles: I’m ‘Amazed’ How Poorly He’s Handled These Questions

CNN’s Jim Acosta Shouts at Kim Jong Un: ‘Will You Give Up Your Nuclear Weapons?’

‘How is This Real?’: People Are Finding it Hard to Make Sense of CNN’s Insane Dennis Rodman Interview

Dennis Rodman Bursts into Tears on CNN in Wild Interview During Trump-Kim Summit

CNN’s Brian Stelter Swipes at Hannity For Landing Trump Summit ‘Interview’: More Like ‘A Chat Among Friends?’

Former CIA Director: Attacking Canada Before NoKo Summit Makes Trump Look ‘Unstable, Erratic and Thin Skinned’

Art of the Deal Co-Author Tony Schwartz: Trump is ‘Mentally Ill’

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