CNN Guest: You Can’t Defend Kavanaugh and Celebrate Bill Cosby Sentencing

Toobin Shreds ‘Publicity Seeking’ Avenatti: ‘Irresponsible’ Kavanaugh Claim is ‘Garbage’

Michael Avenatti Claims to Represent Multiple Kavanaugh Clients, Says One Will Come Forward Within 48 Hours

CNN’s Kirsten Powers Zaps Fox’s Martha MacCallum Over Kavanaugh: She Was a ‘Sympathetic Interviewer’

Jeffrey Toobin Bashes Kavanaugh: ‘Weird’ For a SCOTUS Nominee to Go On Fox News, ‘Republican Television’

CNN Sums Up Rosenstein Chaos: ‘I’m Confused Why There’s So Much Confusion’

Matt Schlapp and CNN’s Berman Clash Over Brutally Ratio’d Tweet and Politicized SCOTUS Process

Ronan Farrow Defends Reporting: ‘This Exceeds the Evidentiary Basis That We’ve Used in the Past’

Mark Levin Calls Brian Stelter ‘A True Sleaze Ball’ After CNN Host Slams Right for Smearing Kavanaugh Accuser

CNN Interviews GOP Women on Kavanaugh Allegations: ‘What Boy Hasn’t Done This in High School?’

CNN’s S.E. Cupp Compares Brett Kavanaugh and Keith Ellison: ‘Very Obvious Double Standard in Outrage’

Check Out Jake Tapper’s Cartoon of Melania Catching Trump Reading Stormy Daniels’ Book

Haley Dismisses Giuliani’s Remarks on ‘Overthrow’ in Iran: ‘We’re Not Looking to Do Regime Change’

Jason Miller Steps Away from Role at CNN Following ‘False and Defamatory Accusations’

Gosar Sibling Reacts to Rep’s Statement: ‘Paul Doesn’t Really Live in Prescott’

White House Reportedly Told Rosenstein to Issue Stronger Denial of New York Times Story

Mediaite’s Ranking of Best Cable News Show at 5 P.M.: Chuck Todd, Wolf Blitzer and The Five

WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Hits Christine Ford For ‘Laundry List’ of ‘Demands’

CNN Debate on GOP Deadline for Kavanaugh Accuser Erupts: ‘Don’t Speak to Me Like That!’

Les Moonves Booted From Hollywood’s Most Powerful List… And Replaced By Ronan Farrow

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