CNN Legal Analyst Paul Callan: Trump May Already Have Been Indicted Under Seal

James Woods Trolls 5 Year-Old CNN Gaffe, Promptly Owns Self

Kasich Goes Off on ‘Outrageous’ Republican Power Grab in Wisconsin: ‘You Lost the Election!’

Mediaite’s Ranking of Best Morning Show on Cable News: Morning Joe, New Day, or Fox & Friends

Jeffrey Toobin Decimates Rick Santorum: Guy Who Made a Career Off Morals is ‘Making Excuses For Paying Off Porn Stars’

Joe Lockhart: ‘Case Has Been Built This Week’ that Trump ‘Was Not Legitimately Elected’

George Conway Appears to Take Shots at Wife Kellyanne’s CNN Hit: Trump ‘Lies About Virtually Everything’ (UPDATES)

Dem Rep. Denny Heck: ‘This is the Beginning of the End for the Trump Administration’

CNN’s Toobin: Cohen Sentence Is ‘A Message That People Around the President Are Going to Prison’

Fox News Finishes 2018 As Most-Watched Network in Cable, MSNBC Grows, CNN Dips

CNN’s Lemon and Cuomo Rave Over ‘NanChuck’ Meeting: Nancy Pelosi is ‘Objectively…a Boss’

Anderson Cooper Mocks Trump’s Oval Office Sparring Match: ‘Real Housewives Reunion Techniques’

GOP Sen. Says Cohen Wouldn’t Know Truth If It ‘Bit Him in the Ass’: Why Would Trump Associate Himself With Him?

Sen. Alan Simpson Goes Off on Alisyn Camerota: ‘Leave People Alone and Go Find Some New Work!’

Scaramucci Responds to Politico Report on His Conspiratorial Comments: ‘I’m Not a QAnon Truther’

CNN’s Camerota to ‘White Guy’ Hickenlooper: Is 2020 the ‘Right Time’ For You to Run For President?

CNN’s John Avlon Breaks Down Trump’s ‘62% Senior Staff Turnover’: A ‘Fine-Tuned Machine?’

Former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal: Trump’s ‘Future Looks Like It’s Behind Bars’

On Repercussions for Trump, Marco Rubio Tells Jake Tapper: ‘No One in This Country’ is ‘Above the Law’

Jeanine Pirro Blasts Media for Abetting Mueller’s ‘Nonstop Personal Vendetta’ Against Trump

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