CNN’s Don Lemon Rips Laura Ingraham, Trump Backers Who Accuse Left of Race-Baiting: ‘It’s All Bullsh*t’


On Monday night, CNN’s Don Lemon went after Laura Ingraham and other Donald Trump defenders for their flat-out dismissal of any conversation that touches upon race issues.

Much of Lemon’s show revolved around an interview he conducted earlier Monday with Lebron James — during which the NBA star spoke a about his reasons for being more outspoken with his political views. At one point, James accused Trump of using sports as a subtle way to divide Americans with race.

As Lemon talked about James’ comments with his panel, he brought up the infamous moment from several months back when Fox News’ Ingraham said James should “shut up and dribble” instead of talking politics. Lemon reacted to this with “who the-.” But he caught himself quickly, explaining “I almost said a bad word.”

“Who does she think she is to talk to someone like that?” Lemon asked incredulously.

Later on, Lemon brought up more comments from James as he held a panel discussion about racial issues in America. Lemon addressed critics who don’t want to hold any conversations about the subject, but would rather fling accusations of “race-baiting” at those who do.

“I know people watch and they say ‘Why are you guys talking about race? You’re race-baiting. It’s not that bad’…It is that bad, and stop saying that. Start examining yourself. Why don’t you want to talk about it? Maybe I should be more open to talk about it. Maybe I should learn more about my neighbors of color or people who are not like me. What is it that I don’t know? What is it that I’m not exposed to? What am I not learning rather than every single time saying ‘there is no racism. It’s all behind us. Slavery was a long time ago.’ That’s all really bullshit if you’re watching at home and saying that.”

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