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Don Lemon Rebuts Sarah Sanders: WH Has Not ‘Extensively’ Addressed Stormy Daniels

CNN Panelist Tries Cracking a ‘Porn Star’ Joke Dismissing Stormy Daniels News to Awkward Silence

Despite a Bitter Rivalry, Fox News and CNN Manage To Show Civility After Making Unjust Attacks

Don Lemon Jokes About Trump’s Supposed Nickname For Him: ‘Sour Lemon’

Don Lemon Apologizes For Incorrectly Claiming Fox News Didn’t Cover Hicks Resignation

FNC’s John Roberts Rips Don Lemon For Claiming Fox News Didn’t Cover Hope Hicks Resignation (UPDATE)

Don Lemon Slams Trump For Comparing Being Under Fire to Putting: ‘Are You Serious?’

Don Lemon Rips Trump for Going After McCain at CPAC: ‘He Should Be Ashamed’

Parkland Survivor Tears Into NRA’S Dana Loesch After Contentious Town Hall: ‘How Dare She’

Advocacy ‘Journalism’ in the Wake of Mass Shootings Only Erodes Trust in The Media

Don Lemon Calls On Trump to ‘Stand Up to the Powerful Gun Lobbies’ That Supported Him

CNN Guest on FL Shooting: What Does Body Count Have To Be Before People in D.C. ‘Give a Rat’s Ass’

Don Lemon Makes Emotional Plea For Discussion on Guns After School Shooting: ‘Do You Feel Safe Tonight?’

Ken Cuccinelli Tells Ana Navarro: ‘I’m Sick and Tired of Listening to Your Shrill Voice’

Don Lemon Returns to CNN After His Sister’s Death: Your Prayers Have ‘Meant the World to Me’

Don Lemon’s Sister Dies in Accidental Drowning While Fishing [UPDATED]

Don Lemon Blames CNN Shooting Threat on Trump: ‘What Happens When the President’ Attacks the Press

Don Lemon Confronts Franklin Graham: Why Was Clinton’s Behavior a Problem But Not Trump’s?

WATCH: Don Lemon’s Interview With MLK’s Nephew Turns Into Complete Trainwreck

Don Lemon: Trump’s Comments About MLK ‘Painfully Ironic’ After ‘Sh*thole’ Remarks

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