Don Lemon

CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Trump Declaring National Emergency: ‘What a Joke You Are!’

Don Lemon: GOP Hypocrisy ‘Far Beyond the Hypocrisy on the Democratic Side’

Don Lemon Slams Wisconsin GOP for Excluding Kaepernick from Black History Resolution: He Was ‘Courageous and Heroic’

Watch: Don Lemon Completely Loses It Over Cops’ Comically Bad Blackface Disguise

Don Lemon Slams Trump for Refusing to Believe El Paso Crime Stats: ‘What the Hell is Going On?’

Chris Cuomo Shows Off His Workout Video During Segment on Trump Physical

Don Lemon Fires Back at ‘Troll’ Newt Gingrich For Calling Him ‘Hostile to America’: ‘Don’t Play Me’

Gladys Knight Defends Singing National Anthem After Don Lemon Asks If She’s Concerned It Could Hurt Her Career

Don Lemon Blasts Ralph Northam in Searing Monologue: ‘This is More Than Dumb, This is Racist’

Chris Cuomo Explains How Refusing to Serve MAGA is ‘Different Than the Baker with the Cake’

Don Lemon Rips Trump’s Light Schedule: He’s Got a ‘Whole Lot of Executive Time’ These Days

Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon Mock Trump Over ‘Global Waming’ Tweet

After Shutdown Deal and Stone Indictment, Don Lemon Asks: ‘Has There Ever Been a Worse Day’ for Trump?

Watch CNN Predict Friday’s Roger Stone Arrest Hours Before it Happened: Mueller Left a ‘Big Clue’

Mark Levin Completely Loses it on Mediaite For Counting the 18 Times He Called Pelosi ‘Fascist’

Chris Cuomo: Trump ‘Plays Favorites’ with ‘Bigotry’; Ignored Steve King, Defended Covington Kids

Don Lemon Rips Cortes for Defending Trump’s Prayer Rug Tweet: ‘Steve, That is Not True’

Former Solicitor General Neal Katyal: Donald Trump’s Best Option Is Impeachment

Don Lemon Praises Cardi B’s Viral Shutdown Rant: Only an ‘Indentured Servant or a Slave’ Works Without Being Paid

CNN’s Don Lemon: Rudy ‘Out-Giulianied’ Himself Tonight

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