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Tucker Carlson Slams The Media, Lindsey Graham For Refuting Spygate: ‘They’re Liars’

Don Lemon Sounds Alarm on Trump’s ‘Lying’ About FBI Spying: We Are in an ‘Extreme Crisis’

Don Lemon on Santa Fe: Students Have Been Marching Since Parkland, ‘Will We Finally Listen?’

CNN Explodes When Racist Lawyer Is Compared to Trump: ‘These Are Everyday Bigots’

Don Lemon’s Boyfriend Dishes to Reporter About CNN Host’s Avenatti Interview: ‘No One Is Doing Their Research’

Don Lemon Presses Avenatti On Threats to The Daily Caller: Isn’t Your Behavior Similar to Michael Cohen’s?

Don Lemon: ‘It’s My Obligation as a Journalist’ to Call Trump ‘Racist’

Don Lemon Issues Scathing Rebuke to White House Over Falsehoods: ‘Are You Okay With Being Conned?’

CNN’s Acosta and Lemon Praise Fox News Host for Calling Out Trump: ‘Kudos to Cavuto’

WATCH: Don Lemon Points Out How Giuliani’s Stormy Daniels Repayment Revelation Made Hannity Squirm

Don Lemon Rips Kanye West For ‘Embarrassing Himself’ Over Slavery Comments: ‘He Should Read!’

UTA White House Correspondents Party Brings Out Media’s Biggest Stars

Don Lemon: Trump Doesn’t Tweet About Things Like Waffle House Shooting ‘Unless It’s a Muslim’

Don Lemon Admits Some Pro-Trump Guests Don’t Believe What They Are Peddling On the Air

Odd Moments From The Hollywood Reporter’s Star-Studded ‘Most Powerful in New York Media’ Party

Don Lemon Erupts at Ex-Trump Spox Jason Miller: It’s ‘A Privilege to Come on Here,’ Not ‘A Right!’

Don Lemon Says He ‘Can Punch Brian Stelter in the Face’ To Make Point About Trump

Michael Cohen Speaks After Office Raid, Says Agents Were ‘Courteous and Respectful’

Don Lemon, Former Trump Adviser Go At It Over FBI’s Cohen Raid: ‘This Is a Sham Investigation!’

Don Lemon Rebuts Sarah Sanders: WH Has Not ‘Extensively’ Addressed Stormy Daniels

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