Don Lemon

NY Times’ Wajahat Ali: Trump ‘Impotent’ When It Comes to Condemning White Nationalist Terrorism

Don Lemon: For Trump to Not Know Right-Wing Extremism Is On the Rise Is ‘Very Ignorant’

Tucker Carlson Mocks Don Lemon for Saying Kellyanne Conway Is ‘Beneath the Dignity’ of CNN

Don Lemon to Chris Cuomo: It’s ‘Beneath the Dignity of this Network’ to Interview Kellyanne Conway

Don Lemon: College Admissions Scandal Shows Why Trump’s Message of a Rigged System Resonated With People

Watch Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon Sing Archie Bunker Theme For Some Reason

Matt Gaetz Attacks Don Lemon to Chris Cuomo Over Reaction to His Threatening Cohen Tweet

Don Lemon Shows Chris Cuomo Some Crazy CNN Face Shirts He Found For Some Reason

Twitter Ridicules Mark Meadows’ Send ‘Obama to Be Sent Back to Kenya’ Clip

Don Lemon Calls Out Mark Meadows’ ‘Black Friend Prop’: Invited Him On, But He Did Hannity Instead

Chris Cuomo: Matt Gaetz Wants to Be a Provocateur, ‘Like a Baby Trump in That Regard’

CNN Panel Slams Trump for Attacking Spike Lee: He Doesn’t See ‘Black People as Fully Human’

Rahm Emanuel Chides Media, Politicians for Rushing to Believe Smollett, Don Lemon Makes it About Trump

Rahm Emanuel Gets Emotional on CNN About How Smollett ‘Used’ Chicago: He Put It ‘All At Risk for Himself’

Don Lemon: It’s Not Jussie Smollett’s Fault He Already Lost in the ‘Court of Public Opinion’

CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Trump Declaring National Emergency: ‘What a Joke You Are!’

Don Lemon: GOP Hypocrisy ‘Far Beyond the Hypocrisy on the Democratic Side’

Don Lemon Slams Wisconsin GOP for Excluding Kaepernick from Black History Resolution: He Was ‘Courageous and Heroic’

Watch: Don Lemon Completely Loses It Over Cops’ Comically Bad Blackface Disguise

Don Lemon Slams Trump for Refusing to Believe El Paso Crime Stats: ‘What the Hell is Going On?’

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