Don Lemon

Don Lemon Fact Checks Trump’s ‘Lies, Lies, and More Lies’ From Oval Office Border Wall Debate

CNN’s Lemon and Cuomo Rave Over ‘NanChuck’ Meeting: Nancy Pelosi is ‘Objectively…a Boss’

WATCH: Don Lemon Forced to Tell Panelists to Take Turns Beating Up Trump Defender

Don Lemon Ravages Trump, ‘Apologists’ For Comparing Alleged POTUS Crimes to Obama: ‘Don’t Be Stupid’

Trump Sent ‘Enemy of the People’ Tweet During Don Lemon Segment, Then CNN Was Evacuated Over Bomb Threat

Don Lemon Calls Trump ‘Hypocrite-in-Chief’ for Employing Undocumented Immigrants

All-Clear Given After CNN’s NYC Headquarters Evacuated Due to Bomb Threat

CNN’s Don Lemon Says He Wouldn’t Accept Trump’s Handshake at Bush Funeral: ‘I Can’t Fake the Funk’

Don Lemon on Trump Showing Up for Bush 41 Funeral After Talking ‘Smack’: ‘Hell to the No’

Fox’s Pete Hegseth Rage-Tweets While Watching CNN at Airport: Don Lemon ‘Is a Moron’

Ron Burgundy Announces New Podcast (Yes, Really) With the Help of a Reluctant Don Lemon

CNN’s Don Lemon Slams Trump for Being Afraid to Cross Putin, Saudi Crown Prince: ‘Whatever Happened to America First?’

Cuomo: Trump’s Cohen Talk Sounds Like a Guy in an Orange Jumpsuit ‘Explaining Why They Got Done Wrong’

Don Lemon Loses It Over Old Clip of Manafort Lying on Live TV: ‘That Was Really, Really Awkward!’

Don Lemon Blasts Trump: He’s ‘Embracing His Inner Internet Troll’

Don Lemon Blasts Trump for Waging a War on Reality: ‘Deny, Deny, Deny’

Don Lemon Blasts Trump After Judge Rules in Favor of CNN: He Keeps Trying to Challenge the Rule of Law

Don Lemon Doubts Trump’s Twitter Tirades Can Be Reined In: ‘He’s a Grown A– Man,’ How Can You Stop Him?

CNN’s Don Lemon: I Think the White House Press Conference Encounter With Jim Acosta Was ‘Staged’

CNN’s Don Lemon Scolds Students Who Flashed Nazi Salute in Prom Picture: At That Age, ‘You Should Know Better’

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