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WATCH: Don Lemon Shreds Trump’s Litany of ‘Lyin’ Friday’ Lies

Michael Cohen Files Restraining Order to Stop Michael Avenatti’s Media Appearances

Cuomo Hits Corey Stewart For ‘Cheap Shot’ Against Father: Pops Would’ve ‘Rearranged His Face’

Jesse Watters Takes Potshot at CNN: I Don’t Appreciate Being Lectured on ‘Real Patriotism’ by Don Lemon

Dan Abrams: Giuliani’s ‘Insulting’ Attack on Stormy Daniels ‘Doesn’t Make A Lot of Sense’

CNN’s Don Lemon: Trump ‘Demanding Forced Patriotism’ Like an Autocrat

Don Lemon Laughs at Trump’s Big Giant Letter from Kim Jong Un: ‘That is Huge’

Howard Kurtz Hits CNN’s Don Lemon For Tying Roseanne’s Racist Tweet to Trump: This Has Nothing to Do With Him!

Don Lemon Ties Roseanne’s Bigotry to Trump’s America: Racists ‘Feel Emboldened’

Don Lemon: Both Trump and Roseanne Are Trafficking in Racism

Tucker Carlson Slams The Media, Lindsey Graham For Refuting Spygate: ‘They’re Liars’

Don Lemon Sounds Alarm on Trump’s ‘Lying’ About FBI Spying: We Are in an ‘Extreme Crisis’

Don Lemon on Santa Fe: Students Have Been Marching Since Parkland, ‘Will We Finally Listen?’

CNN Explodes When Racist Lawyer Is Compared to Trump: ‘These Are Everyday Bigots’

Don Lemon’s Boyfriend Dishes to Reporter About CNN Host’s Avenatti Interview: ‘No One Is Doing Their Research’

Don Lemon Presses Avenatti On Threats to The Daily Caller: Isn’t Your Behavior Similar to Michael Cohen’s?

Don Lemon: ‘It’s My Obligation as a Journalist’ to Call Trump ‘Racist’

Don Lemon Issues Scathing Rebuke to White House Over Falsehoods: ‘Are You Okay With Being Conned?’

CNN’s Acosta and Lemon Praise Fox News Host for Calling Out Trump: ‘Kudos to Cavuto’

WATCH: Don Lemon Points Out How Giuliani’s Stormy Daniels Repayment Revelation Made Hannity Squirm

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