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CNN’s Weird California Map: You Know, San Francisco. Right There Near Mexico?

Sure, we’ve all been focusing a lot on Japan lately, and by now most of us have really brushed up on our Japanese geography, far better able to place Tokyo and Sendai on a map. But does that make it harder to remember maps far closer to home? Perhaps so, if you were watching CNN’s American Morning. If you were watching the story about the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, CNN helpfully placed the facility on a map. Right there, a good distance south of Los Angeles and just outside San Francisco. Pretty close to the Mexican border.

Ah, thinking of all the good times we’ve had taking the Golden Gate Bridge over the border to Ensenada for some great Mexican food. Sometimes, when we’ve got a long weekend, we hop in the car and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway all the way to NorCal and hit the San Diego area, catch a Padres game and visit wine country.

Admittedly, we’re not sure if CNN relocated San Diego to Northern California or not. It’s not on the map. But clearly, they’ve created a ripple in The Force by bringing that whole Nancy Pelosi San Francisco liberal vibe all the way down to San Diego County. After all, John McCain got just 14 percent of the vote in San Francisco County in 2008, but had 44 percent in San Diego County. This could be interesting.

Oh, and while we’re at it? You guys also misspelled “Onofre.”

Check it out here:

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