DefSec Mark Esper: Iran ‘Probably’ Planned to Attack U.S. Embassies, but I ‘Didn’t See’ Evidence of Threats to Four


Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says he “didn’t see” any evidence to back up President Donald Trump’s claim that Iran was planning an “imminent” attack on multiple U.S. embassies.

During an interview on Sunday with CBS’ Margaret Brennan, Esper stood by Trump’s assessment that there “could’ve been” attacks against America’s embassies, which is why he dispatched U.S. forces to the Middle East to reinforce them. This led to Brennan challenging him, saying it seemed like he was pointing to an “assessment” instead of a “specific tangible threat with a decisive piece of intelligence.”

“Well the president didn’t cite a specific piece of evidence,” Esper began before Brennan interjected to ask “are you saying there wasn’t one?”

“I didn’t see one with regard to four embassies,” Esper answered. “What I’m saying is I share the president’s view that probably my expectation was they were going to go after our embassies.”

Watch above, via CBS

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