Dem Rep. Blasts Trump on Immigration Rule: ‘Hates All Immigrants Except His Mother- and Father-in-Law and His Wife’


Congressman Denny Heck spoke with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer this afternoon and railed against the Trump White House’s latest immigration announcement.

The White House today announced a public charge rule to “ensure that non-citizens in this country are self-sufficient and not a strain on public resources.”

“This new rule that the administration is now putting out to penalize people who use services like food stamps,” Wolf Blitzer said, “and it will benefit immigrants with better English and better education. Is the administration bypassing Congress to enact the president’s vision of what the president calls merit-based immigration?”

“Well, yes, of course he is,” Heck responded. “The president hates all immigrants except his mother- and father-in-law and his wife evidently .He hates them whether they’re here without documents, they’re here with a green card, they’re here seeking asylum — he hates them all. And the incredible irony of this particular circumstance, Wolf, is a lot of people here who are on green cards are working in very low-paying Jobs that nobody else wants to do and that’s why they qualify for some of these benefits. He’s not only going to be hurting these families, he’s going to be hurting the local economies which need these people to fill the Jobs.”

Blitzer asked it if would incentivize illegal immigration “if it is harder to immigrate legally.” Heck said Trump’s rhetoric “has increased efforts to get in here both legally and illegally.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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