‘Doesn’t Feel Like Punishment’: Alisyn Camerota Questions O’Reilly, Ailes Pay Outs

On Friday’s New Day, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota held a panel with her fellow Fox News “escapees” about what Bill O’Reilly‘s departure from Fox News will mean for women working in the media.

In a conversation with Kirsten Powers, Margaret Hoover, and Mary Katherine Ham, Camerota asked if O’Reilly’s firing would be a major “tipping point” after the downfall of former Fox CEO Roger Ailes. Hoover said that her hope is that O’Reilly’s exodus would cause conservative-leaning outlets to reconsider their dedication to family values and reject any notion that harassing women in the workplace is acceptable.

Camerota eventually brought up how O’Reilly is receiving a massive severance payout, just like Ailes did when he left the network. As Camerota pointed out, “this, sort of, doesn’t feel like a punishment for them.”

As Ham and Powers talked about their past experiences, they brought up how they were able to work out frustrations by engaging O’Reilly on his show and making him take their political perspectives seriously. Even so, both noted that there were certain issues O’Reilly couldn’t recognize as inappropriate, and that they put women in uncomfortable positions they were forced to deal with.

Hoover explained that she stayed with Fox as long as she did because “it is extraordinary to see how the magic is made,” and that she “learned a lot” with her past experiences at Fox.

Watch above, via CNN.

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