Fox & Friends Shreds Comey: In a ‘Popularity Contest’, FBI Agents Would Pick Fox News Over Fired Director


Fox & Friends fired back at James Comey, after the former FBI director blasted their network in comments to reporters this week.

Comey went off to reporters after a closed-door interview with Republican lawmakers, accusing Fox News of promoting President Donald Trump‘s “lies” about the FBI.

“Right, it is definitely Donald Trump’s fault that Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were texting and having an affair out of their marriage and going back and forth on government phones,  about how much they hate the would-be candidate, that turns out to be the president elect, that turns out to be the president,” Brian Kilmeade said sarcastically.

“It is the president’s fault that they talked about an insurance plan,” Kilmeade continued, also citing Andrew McCabe and Bruce Ohr. “That’s all the president’s fault.”

“Remember, it’s people of both political parties who have been really angry at him,” Steve Doocy added, pointing out Comey’s announcement on the Hillary Clinton investigation days before the 2016 election.

“He hates Republicans,” Ainsley Earhardt added. (Comey was a registered Republican for all his life, but said in 2016 he was no longer a member of the GOP.)

Kilmeade claimed that in a popularity contest between James Comey and Fox News, FBI agents would pick his network.

“Let’s do that popularity contest, James Comey,” Kilmeade said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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