Got Outrage? Twitter Has a Cow Over CNN Segment on Family Buying Gallons of Milk


A CNN report on the real effects of inflation, and the challenges to Americans brought on by higher grocery prices, took a weird and kind of ugly turn when a number of blue-checked Twitter accounts paraded their ignorance over milk consumption.

CNN’s Evan McMorris-Santos interviewed the Stottler family in Kennedale, Texas (a suburb of Fort Worth) for what was a rather anodyne profile of a lovely family who is facing some inflation-induced financial stress, particularly when it comes to their grocery budget.

But something strange happened when CNN New Day anchor Briana Keilar tweeted a video of the segment, which included the quote, “A gallon of milk was $1.99. Now it’s $2.79. When you buy 12 gallons a week times four weeks, that’s a lot of money,” followed by her own description of the segment of “how badly inflation is hitting the middle class.”

As is often the case on Twitter, jumped on the tweet without clicking through to watch the video. Purchasing nearly 50 gallons of milk per month was quickly deemed an absurd amount. And if this were a family of four, that would be correct.

But anyone who watched the report would see that the Stottler family is currently caring for nine children, six of whom are adopted, and one who is in foster care. By any measure, the Stottlers seem like caring and beautiful people. But because Twitter is the worst, they got dunked on in a manner that reaffirmed nearly every stereotype of East Coast media douchebaggery.

NY Magazine columnist Jonathan Chait snarked, “12 gallons of milk a week may sound like a lot, but they’ve actually had to cut out their milk baths on alternate days.” New Yorker writer Jamelle Bouie jumped in with a condescending “i’m sorry, 12 gallons of milk?” Daily Show head writer Dan Amara demonstrated why that show has fallen with the obvious, “This is not nearly enough milk, I’m picking up at least 30 gallons a day” joke.  And so it went. There are a ton more tweets like this, but you get the idea.

Lost in all this, however, is the simple math of milk consumption. There are 11 people in this family. That means that each individual is drinking roughly a gallon of milk. 64 128 ounces divide by 7 days? That’s roughly 10 20 ounces per day. It’s not an entirely unreasonable amount, though I personally find milk disgusting unless there is chocolate cake or brownies involved.

McMorris-Santaro finally stepped into the fray and called out the assholery on display.

“Truly remarkable number of assholes on here attempting to dunk on a charming family who lays out how it feels to shop with price rises,” he tweeted. “Very wise and cool tweets. Glad you’re all weathering the economy so well!”

And some people wonder why the coastal media gets such a bad reputation? It’s dumb shit like this. Mocking a couple that is caring for nine kids because, who knows, a desire to get likes and retweets on Twitter.


Watch above via CNN.

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