Houston’s Police Chief Rips Mitch McConnell Over Gun Violence Inaction: ‘Whose Side Are You On?’

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Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo hammered Republican lawmakers for caving to the gun lobby and not doing enough on gun control.

Acevedo had a press conference to talk about the recent death of Chris Brewster, a sergeant who was killed over the weekend while responding to a 911 call about a domestic disturbance involving guns. Brewster’s alleged killer has been placed under arrest and charged with murder, and in Acevedo’s address on the matter, he blamed Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Senate GOP for their refusal to support the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

“We’ll be putting [Brewster] to rest before Christmas because of the cowardice of the political people we have in office,” Acevedo said. “I don’t want to see their little smug faces about how much they care about law enforcement when I’m burying a sergeant because they don’t want to piss off the NRA. Make up your minds. Who side are you on?”

Acevedo went on to accuse McConnell and his colleagues of refusing to act on the reauthorization “because the NRA doesn’t like the fact that we want to take firearms out of the hands of boyfriends that abuse their girlfriends.”

“Who killed our sergeant? A boyfriend abusing his girlfriend.” Acevedo said. Several of the GOPers Acevedo called out have responded by accusing him of trying to score political points with a flawed argument, but the chief responded by saying they refuse to close loopholes in the Violence Against Women Act.

“If you can’t figure out why I’m pissed, shame on you,” Acevedo said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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