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Jesse Watters: Michael Cohen is Being Used in ‘Revenge Plot’ By the Clintons To ‘Bloody Up’ Trump

Fox News’ Jesse Watters opened up his Saturday show by lambasting Michael Cohen as a rat and making the case that Cohen’s testimony is part of a Clinton revenge plot aimed at bloodying up President Donald Trump for 2020.

After mocking Democrats for asking questions Watters said only serves to prove Trump “never paid for an abortion or had a love child or had mob ties,” the Fox host made the case that this whole thing was a revenge plot orchestrated by the Clintons.

“It’s pretty clear this is a revenge plot by the Clintons to bloody up Trump for 2020,” Watters said.

Then, as evidence of his claims he highlighted the person sitting behind Cohen, Lanny Davis.

“See the guy behind Cohen?” Watters continued on. “The Clinton fixer is now representing Trump’s old fixer. The fix is in.”

Watters further speculated: “Lanny is probably still getting paid by the Clintons or some fat cat Democrat donor. Cohen and Lanny colluded with Adam Schiff before the hearing and have been leaking to the media like crazy. Now remember, the Democrats started this hit job with the dossier, then the wiretaps, then the witch hunt. Cohen is being used. And the millions of people who voted for Donald Trump are being abused.”

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