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Joe Scarborough: Fox News Using ‘Non-White People to Scare White People’ Into Voting Republican

Joe Scarborough added his voice to a growing list of skeptical observers who see oversaturated news reporting on the “caravan.”

The mass of roughly 7,000 Central American migrants currently at the Mexico-Guatemala border has received an inordinate amount of media coverage in the past two weeks.

The reason behind the coverage? Nothing more than straight fear-mongering to encourage a base of Republican voters to turn out to the polls for the midterm elections less than two weeks away.

As I wrote in a column last week, the White House and Fox News appear to be working hand in hand to do the one thing they know will rally their base: scare the hell out of them.

Scarborough hit a similar note this morning, saying  “but this caravan that Donald Trump keeps talking about, that Fox News keeps talking about, that people on the right keep talking about is some last-ditch, desperate, sad, pathetic effort to — again, use nonwhite people to try to scare white people into voting for Republicans.” There’s the Mediaite headline!

He then added “It’s over a thousand miles away. It’s not going to be here for at least a month, maybe if they go Tijuana, the safer route, it may not be here for months.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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