Joe Scarborough Laughs at Donald Trump: He’s Obstructing Justice Now in the Light of Day!


Judging by his reaction Friday morning, Joe Scarborough is by turns shocked, appalled and amused by President Donald Trump’s immediate connection of newly appointed Acting AG Matt Whitaker and the Mueller Investigation.

“It’s so obvious!” Scarborough declared regarding Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice, adding “Maybe for Christmas this year, somebody can just get a stamp and just make it easier for him that says obstruction on it and just stamp it on his forehead.”

One of  the many thing being currently under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, is whether or not President Trump obstructed justice by firing former FBI director James Comey and/or sharing misleading information about the now infamous meeting at Trump Tower between Russian officials and Trump campaign leadership.

At issue is a recent interview Trump provided to The Daily Caller in which he Trump is asked about Acting Attorney General Whitaker and talks almost immediately about the Mueller investigation.

“You look at what he said the there. Look at what he said, as you said to Lester Holt, what he told the Russian foreign minister, what he told the Russian ambassador of the united States about the firing of Comey. He obstructs in the light of day!”

Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.


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