Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Hold Press Conference To Restore Sanity

After a very long day of singing, video montages, paper maché effigies, and plenty of fear and/or sanity, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert met the press for one last time as the ringleaders of their joint rally to answer questions on crowd organization, their core message, and the surprising supporting character of the event, Rick Sanchez.

Colbert explained the rigor to which both he and Stewart would be submitted to in the coming days, traveling to do shows after the massive organizational effort to organized this event. Stewart, meanwhile, explained the process of his writing– just hunkering down the night before (Colbert “improvised everything I did)– and his method of establishing his own boundaries as a comedian.

Stewart was also asked about his relationship with Rick Sanchez after “the incident,” to which Stewart first joked that he had a “very anti-Semetic” conversation with him several days later, and then clarified that the real conversation was cordial and that “we all have those days.”

The post-rally presser via CNN below:

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