Lawrence O’Donnell: Jared Kushner’s Job Is to Protect Trump’s Failing Mental Health


In a bizarre monologue Tuesday night, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell was trying to figure out how Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner found their way into the thick of a Presidential campaign and eventually, the White House, when neither had expressed an interest in politics in the past.

Apparently, for O’Donnell, it was strange that they chose this particular candidate to begin their life in politics.

“Why was he there?” O’Donnell asked. “If he wanted to help his father-in-law’s campaign, why didn’t he help him find someone to hire who actually knew something about presidential campaigns? Why do it yourself when you can afford to hire an expert who can do it better than you can?”

It did not occur to O’Donnell that Donald Trump won the election so it is possible that he surrounded himself with precisely the right people. The supposed experts could not have done it any better.

“After winning the election, they decided to work in the White House,” O’Donnell said.

“Why would Jared Kushner do that?” he asked. “Why would Ivanka Trump move the kids to Washington and take an office in the White House? Neither one of them have ever given any thought to going to work in a government building of any kind.”

The fact their father and father-in-law had just been elected President did not occur to O’Donnell as a possible reason for why they would do that.

Then he gave his own incoherent, amazingly smug and quite offensive theory as to why they would decide to join the President’s staff.

“The kids were worried about the old man,” he said. “The kids have been watching, especially in recent years, a decline in Donald Trump’s executive function.”

He then proceeded to attempt to sound smart by explaining how neurologists define executive function.

“A decline in executive function is the beginning of the process that eventually leads you to take the car keys away from dad,” he said.

O’Donnell added, “Having personally watched Donald Trump become increasingly incoherent the last several years my first assumption was the kids were going to Washington because they know that dad is utterly incoherent much of the time and forgetful and inattentive.”

Lawrence O’Donnell did not jump on the Trump-hate train after he was elected President like everyone else. He noticed that Trump was losing his mind for the last several years but he kept it to himself.

“And so, in the White House, someone he trusts would have to be able to whisper in his ear to remind him of what he said yesterday or what he should say now or remind him why he’s having this meeting. And to always be available to translate the President’s incoherence to people in the White House and the cabinet.

In effect, the President’s translator. That’s the job I thought Jared Kushner was gonna have. That’s an intimate job. A trusted family member makes sense for that job.”

O’Donnell then went on the attack the intelligence of the President’s sons.

“It had to be Jared instead of Donald Jr. or Eric Trump because, as some close observers of the President have reported, Donald Trump thinks his son-in-law is smarter than his sons,” he stated.

O’Donnell concluded, “Given what we now know about Jared Kushner, that may be one of Donald Trump’s many misjudgments.”

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